The IAFF and Nationwide Insurance have teamed up on a new safety campaign as part of Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” child safety initiative to educate and raise awareness of preventable childhood injuries and death.

According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of injury-related death in children under the age of four. Whether it’s in a tub or a pool, water of any depth can be dangerous for kids.

This co-branded Water Safety campaign offers safety tips and other resources, including open water safety, pool safety, bathtub safety, how to identify “dry drowning” and how to keep your swim area safe.

Use these IAFF-branded water safety infographics (along with customized posts/tweets) on Facebook and Twitter, with family, friends and neighbors and on your local’s website.

Use the ready-made press release to email local media outlets and be available ─ and armed with the facts provided in this campaign ─ to talk with local reporters about the importance of water safety for children. We have provided quotes and statistics in the release – just add a spokesperson and your local’s name.

Share the video below on backyard pool safety to further educate your community that you don’t just respond to house fires, and how they can avoid being a part of some of your most devastating calls – child drownings.

Contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about using IAFF toolkits.

Post/Tweet: Pool toys aren’t designed to float you to safety. Put little kids in life jackets approved by the Coast Guard. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips #MakeSafeHappen

Post/Tweet: Drowning can happen in seconds. Your arms are their best protection. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips #MakeSafeHappen

Post/Tweet: The suction from pool and hot tub drains can be stronger than you think. Install a dome-shaped cover. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips #MakeSafeHappen

Post/Tweet for Father’s Day: Celebrating Father’s Day with a pool party? Keep your young one’s within arm’s reach and stay safe this summer. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips #MakeSafeHappen