The IAFF/IAFC Wellness-Fitness Task Force’s Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

The IAFF and IAFC have teamed up with 10 of North America’s leading fire departments and unions through the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness/Fitness Initiative to develop the IAFF/IAFC Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). The participating departments on the Task Force are:

    • Austin, TX Local 975
    • Calgary, AB Local 255
    • Charlotte, NC Local 660
    • Fairfax, VA Local 2068
    • Indianapolis, IN Local 416
    • Los Angeles County, CA Local 1014
    • Metro Dade, FL Local 1403
    • New York City, NY Local 94 and Local 854
    • Phoenix, AZ Local 493
    • Seattle, WA Local 27

The Task Force successfully developed the Fire Service Joint Labor-Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative in 1997 to address the need for a holistic and non-punitive approach to wellness and fitness in the fire service. The Task Force then discovered that municipalities were hiring people who would not be physically capable of a successful career in the fire service. The Task Force, therefore, unanimously agreed to develop a physical ability test for pre-employment testing of candidates. The Task Force has developed and validated the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), resulting in a consistent test for hiring of candidate fire fighters.

The Wellness/Fitness Initiative and the Candidate Physical Ability Test Program have been reviewed and utilized by fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each of the Task Force jurisdictions has also served as a resource and has assisted fire departments in their region with the adoption of these programs. An updated Wellness/Fitness Initiative and the Candidate Physical Ability Test is available through the IAFF and the IAFC.

It has now been over 20 years since we joined together to form the IAFF/IAFC Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Task Force. The Task Force has dedicated itself to developing a holistic, positive rehabilitating and educational approach to wellness and fitness programs in the fire service.

One of the three major initiatives was the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Program. Since its release in 1999, over 900 jurisdictions have successfully implemented this valuable program.

In our ongoing effort to ensure that the CPAT is being used properly and only as intended, we have a formal licensing policy that specifies the way in which this program can legally be used. This procedure was instituted by the Task Force to protect the integrity of the CPAT Program and the interests of the members of the IAFF and the IAFC by ensuring that the program is implemented properly and as intended. Any use of the CPAT without a license or any misuse of the CPAT program is a violation of the IAFF copyright on this program.

Licensing Background

On June 5, 2006, the IAFF notified all CPAT licensees of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) conciliation agreement with the IAFF which required specific changes in the administration of the CPAT Program. The EEOC agreed that it will not file a lawsuit during the term of this agreement based upon a claim that the CPAT has a discriminatory impact on female candidates against any fire department that utilizes the CPAT in conformity with these changes. Pursuant to this agreement, the Task Force revised the CPAT Program manual to incorporate the conciliation agreement in its entirety. Further, the Task Force has now unanimously agreed that as a condition of obtaining and maintaining a CPAT license these revisions must be fully incorporated by the CPAT license holder.

On July 19, 2006, the IAFF notified all CPAT licensees of the release of our secure web-based application, CPAT Administration. CPAT Administration was developed to provide a tool for all CPAT licensees that support all aspects of administering the CPAT program. As part of the EEOC conciliation agreement, the IAFF agreed to collect and provide aggregate and redacted data to the EEOC to allow it to assess the effectiveness of the modifications in addressing the impact of the CPAT on female candidates. All licensees must agree to collect and provide the IAFF and the IAFC data regarding number of male, female and minority applicants that have taken the CPAT and the pass/fail rates of each. The Task Force has now unanimously agreed that as a condition of obtaining and maintaining a CPAT license, the CPAT Administration shall be used by the licensee as the sole means for collecting and providing data as well as for the administration of the CPAT.

The IAFF, the IAFC and the Task Force have now developed and adopted a new policy on CPAT Limited Licenses. Any department utilizing a limited licensee to administer and conduct their CPAT testing program MUST also have a license. As the full license holder, the department will be responsible for the entire program, including the portion conducted by the limited licensed organization that is assisting with the CPAT.

In 2008, the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative Task Force completed and the IAFF published the 2nd Edition of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) program. The new edition incorporates the above information as well as provides new videos and tools for a successful CPAT program.
Under the current policy, authorization to use the CPAT under a full license will only be granted to fire departments and other employers that will be fully administering the CPAT Program and hiring fire fighter employees. Limiting the granting of licenses to only those entities that actually administer the program has enabled us to better ensure that the CPAT is only being administered in strict compliance with the licensing agreement. Third party testing organizations (limited to federal, state or provincial agencies; state/provincial fire academies; colleges/universities that conduct pre-employment testing; or pre-employment testing organizations) that only administer the physical testing portion of the CPAT may apply for a Limited License.

Such Limited Licenses allow such third party testing organizations to use the CPAT for purposes of testing the physical capability of fire fighter candidates. However, this license is granted only upon the express conditions that the licensee may only administer the CPAT for a fire department that already possesses a complete and valid license from the IAFF. Limited licensees shall not administer the CPAT to any person without first obtaining a written agreement with the fire department to which the person is applying. The provisions of this agreement are outlined below.

These Limited License organizations then operate under the license of the jurisdiction that is responsible for administering the overall CPAT Program. In addition, a fire department that uses another fire department’s resources and facilities to test candidates must apply for a license of their own. The licensing policy ensures that the CPAT Program used by the licensee fully covers every aspect of the CPAT, including recruiting and mentoring programs, providing recruits with fitness guidance to help prepare them for the CPAT and setting up and administering the test.

Current CPAT Licensees

Full license are issued to fire departments.

Limited licenses are issued to third-party, non-fire department organizations that are one of the following:

  • Federal, state or provincial governments or agencies
  • State or provincial fire academies
  • Colleges/universities that conduct pre-employment testing
  • Pre-employment testing organizations

*The IAFF is the licensing agency and does not schedule any candidates. Please contact the jurisdictions for orientation, practice test and official test schedules.

*Fire departments are not required to accept a CPAT certification from an outside testing source. Please contact the department you are applying with for verification of their certificate acceptance policy.

*Fire departments (full licensees) are not required to provide candidates documentation of their passing CPAT for another department’s hiring process. Please contact the department you are applying with for verification of their documentation policy.

Terms and Conditions of Limited CPAT License

A Limited CPAT License is granted to allow the use the CPAT for purposes of testing the physical capability of fire fighter candidates. The limited license is granted only upon the express conditions that the licensee may only administer the CPAT for a fire department that already possesses a complete and valid license from the IAFF. Any attempt by the licensee to use the CPAT for testing incumbents is inconsistent with the scope of this license, and is therefore prohibited. The licensee is only authorized to make use of the CPAT in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CPAT manual and the CPAT Limited Licensee Policy. CPAT limited licenses will only be issued to third party testing organizations that are:

  • federal, state or provincial governments or agencies;
  • state or provincial fire academies;
  • colleges/universities that conduct pre-employment testing; or
  • pre-employment testing organizations

Limited licensees may only administer the physical testing portion of the CPAT for the purpose of testing the physical capability of fire fighter candidates under the CPAT requirements. Limited licensees shall not administer the CPAT to any person without first obtaining a written agreement with the fire department to which the person is applying. Such agreement will contain the following provisions:

  • the fire department will certify that it has a valid CPAT license, and that it agrees to recognize and accept proof of completion of the CPAT from the limited licensee;
  • the fire department will certify that it will utilize the CPAT only in the context of an overall implementation of the CPAT program that complies with its CPAT license;
  • the limited licensee shall have the capability and agree to assist the fire department in meeting the terms of such compliance, including the pre-test orientation and mentoring requirements;
  • the limited licensee shall have the capability and staff to validate the CPAT for jurisdictions through a transportability study, assist the fire department in obtaining CPAT licensure, provide consistent CPAT testing administration and legally defend their validation and CPAT administration;
  • the limited licensee shall have the capability and agree to provide candidates continuously available practice tests and orientations. It shall further provide the CPAT licensed fire department with assistance in establishing candidate mentoring programs;
  • the limited licensee must have purchased all CPAT equipment and verify that such equipment and props conform to all specifications in the CPAT manual and that it has the ability to administer the CPAT in conformity with the specifications of CPAT;
    where fees are charged by the limited licensee, a pricing model must be established that allows flexibility to have applicants or fire departments cover the cost. The limited licensee shall have a mechanism in place to assure that any individual who demonstrates a financial hardship will be provided the CPAT at reduced or no charge; and
  • if the limited licensee is providing CPAT certifications for a candidate’s use in applying for employment in multiple fire departments, it must notify the IAFF of the CPAT licensed fire departments for which such certification is provided. Further, the testing organization must provide an electronic system where CPAT licensed fire departments that accept such certifications can verify applicant’s results and the date when such results are no longer valid.

As a condition of receiving a limited license, an applicant must agree that it will only administer the CPAT in accordance with the IAFF’s licensing requirements, which include full compliance with the EEOC conciliation agreement and utilization of the CPAT Administration.
To ensure compliance with this policy, the IAFF will conduct on-site reviews and audits of the facilities holding a limited license, and the limited licensee must agree to fully cooperate with such efforts. The on-site review and audit will include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • verification of written agreements with fire departments;
  • verification of test administration procedures;
  • verification of proctors;
  • facility inspection in accordance with the CPAT requirements on size, environmental conditions floor composition, etc.;
  • equipment inspection to ensure all equipment and props meet the CPAT specifications;
  • verification that course layout is in accordance with the CPAT specifications; and
  • verification that the CPAT Administration is being properly used and data reported.

To ensure that the IAFF has adequate resources to conduct on-site reviews and audits, limited license holders will be charged an annual licensing fee of five thousand dollars ($5,000). Limited licenses will continue to be non-transferable, nonexclusive and revocable at will for any reason.

Terms and Conditions of Full CPAT License

The CPAT license is granted only upon the express conditions that the licensee must use the CPAT in whole and only for the purpose of candidate testing. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, recruiting, mentoring, preparatory programs, orientation programs, and proper program administration including using specified equipment, test parameters, qualified proctors and test personnel. Any attempt by the licensee to use only a portion of the CPAT or to use the CPAT for testing incumbents is inconsistent with the scope of this license, and is therefore prohibited.

The licensee is only authorized to make use of the CPAT in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CPAT manual. Full CPAT Licenses will only be issued to fire departments for the purposes of candidate preparation and physical ability testing of career fire fighters.

CPAT Copyright

The IAFF has copyrighted the CPAT in order to prevent unauthorized use of this program. The IAFF owns the exclusive right to reproduce copies of the CPAT; to prepare derivative works from the CPAT; to distribute the CPAT to the public; and to publicly display this work. The copyright on the CPAT is registered with the United States Copyright Office. Because of this registration, the IAFF may invoke certain remedies in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. These remedies include actual damages, injunction, any profits realized by the infringer, and statutory damages, including attorneys’ fees and litigation costs. The IAFF’s copyright on the CPAT is also afforded complete protection in Canada pursuant to the Universal Copyright Convention. The IAFF reserves all rights under Canadian and international law for copyright infringement for any illegal use, distribution, copying and creation of derivative works that are not allowed by this license. Under Canadian laws the IAFF may invoke certain remedies in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. These remedies include actual damages, injunction, any profits realized by the infringer, and punitive damages.

Any use of the CPAT is only allowed within the terms and conditions spelled out in a licensing agreement, which must be strictly adhered to by all licensees. This agreement states that the licensee may only use the CPAT in its entirety, and it explicitly prohibits use of the CPAT to test incumbent members of a fire department.

This copyright protection does extend to any derivative physical ability test that is “substantially similar” to the CPAT test. Further, the IAFF does NOT grant a license for the creation of derivative works, or works that are based on whole or in part on the CPAT. This includes works that are written as well as oral. Specific, written permission is necessary from the IAFF in order to create derivative works.

While the IAFF may permit the reproduction and reprinting of the CPAT upon request, this does not authorize the licensee to reprint or reproduce, in whole or in part, the CPAT. Specific, written permission is necessary from the IAFF in order to reprint or reproduce the CPAT. The IAFF reserves all rights and remedies for copyright infringement for any illegal use, distribution, copying or creation of derivative works that are not covered by this license.

The IAFF is entitled to, and will, institute legal action against any infringement of its exclusive rights or its licensing agreement. The remedies for copyright infringement include obtaining an injunction to prevent further infringement and to ensure the destruction of unauthorized copies. They also include the recovery of any damages suffered by the IAFF and the Task Force; recovery of the profits of the infringer; and the recovery of attorneys’ fees and costs of the litigation.

This license is subject to termination at the election of the IAFF by written notice. This license cannot be transferred or sub-licensed to any third parties without permission from the IAFF. The IAFF owns the copyright and other related rights to the work entitled “Candidate Physical Ability Test” (“CPAT”). The IAFF, the IAFC and the ten jurisdictions and local unions of the Task Force own the proprietary rights to the CPAT.

Report Violations of CPAT License Agreement

In the ongoing effort to ensure that the CPAT is being used properly and only as intended, the IAFF enacted a reporting and investigation program that can be used to identify deficiencies in CPAT implementation. Reportable problems could include, but are not limited to, jurisdictions using the CPAT as an employment requirement without proper licensure, jurisdictions altering CPAT events in a manner inconsistent with the CPAT manual, or jurisdictions using the CPAT for the purpose of testing incumbent fire fighters. The name of anyone reporting a violation will remain strictly confidential.

Click here to report a CPAT violation.

Developing the CPAT

The Task Force directed the Technical Committee to develop a performance test for the ten jurisdictions that measures the critical skills of fire fighter candidates. Committee members reviewed six of the ten jurisdictions job analysis and job task surveys. They also reviewed each of the ten jurisdiction’s current candidate performance tests and job descriptions.

Additionally, a complete equipment and demographics survey was also completed by the ten jurisdictions. The equipment survey provided types and weights of all fire fighter protective clothing, protective equipment, fire department equipment and fire department tools. It also assessed the average weight of fire fighters in each jurisdiction as well as the average weight of emergency room and hospital admitted patients. Demographic profiles of each jurisdiction were also developed.

Using the data collected, the Committee then derived a list of 31 tasks to investigate. They developed survey questions directly related to these 31 tasks. The critical and physical task skills that all fire fighters should possess were validated (through questionnaires) by 1,000 fire fighters from the ten departments. Selection of the 1,000 fire fighters was random and anonymous, but consistent with the race and gender diversity of the specific department. The completed results of the surveys resulted in the development a series of physical ability tests that were selected based on the results of the data indicating the physicality and criticality of the tasks performed by fire fighters.

Props for each event were built and modified to obtain the necessary information regarding candidate’s ability. The props were then placed in a sequence that would best simulate their use in a fire scene. The Technical Committee chose to move the candidates along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner requiring a mandatory walk between events.

Because of the test set up, individual event times would be an ineffective measure of a candidate’s ability, so an overall test time needs to be established. Numerous individuals were run through the test including: technical staff members, incumbent fire fighters, lay people and a recruit class.

The overall consensus found the test to be a good predictor of an applicant’s ability to perform basic fire fighting tasks. The Technical Committee was confident that the ability test would provide the fire service with a physically competent recruit. There was also unanimous agreement that the test equaled or was superior to current test run by each of the ten jurisdictions.

These tests were filmed at different speeds and presented to supervisors in the 10 jurisdictions (captains and battalion chiefs with experience in fire fighter training). At the completion of this process an entry test was finalized and presented to the Task Force for adoption. The Task Force unanimously adopted the full Candidate Physical Ability Test with a pass/fail time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. The test may only be administered on a pass/fail basis, municipalities may not rank candidates based upon CPAT completion times.

Administering the CPAT

In developing the CPAT Program, the Task Force recognized that the fire department should reflect the community it serves. In today’s society, communities are increasingly diverse and fire fighters are continually challenged to operate in multi-cultural environments. The goal of the CPAT is to test for those individuals physically qualified to perform the job of fire fighter without separating from the department’s broader goal of attaining a properly trained and physically capable workforce whose members reflect the diversity of the community. Diversity should never come by lowering validated entry standards. Rather, it should come from actively recruiting qualified men and women candidates from all racial and ethnic backgrounds for careers in the fire service. It is the position of the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative Task Force that fire departments should increase the diversity of their workforce by actively recruiting candidates from throughout their communities rather than lowering candidate physical ability standards. The CPAT Program details avenues fire departments can pursue to raise awareness of job opportunities and to recruit and mentor qualified candidates within the fire service before the test is administered.

The CPAT goal was to develop a fair and valid evaluation tool in the selection of fire fighters to ensure that all fire fighter candidates possess the physical ability to complete critical tasks effectively and safely. This CPAT Program covers every aspect of administering the CPAT: from recruiting and mentoring programs, to providing recruits with fitness guidance to help prepare them for the CPAT, to setting up and administering the test. The entire validation process is discussed in detail, as well as the legal issues that departments might face when implementing the actual program.

In 2006, the following orientation and pre-test procedures were implemented after a conciliation agreement with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):s

All candidates will attend at least two mandatory orientation sessions commencing within eight weeks before the actual official CPAT test date, during which they will receive “hands on” familiarity with the actual CPAT apparatus. Candidates may voluntarily attend up to one additional orientation session.

Within 30 days prior to the actual CPAT test date, all candidates will perform at least 2 timed practice runs, using actual CPAT apparatus, and in which the candidate is allowed to take as much time as necessary to complete the entire course.

A candidate may waive all of the fore-mentioned program components and be eligible to participate in a CPAT test. Such a waiver shall only be acceptable if it is in writing, and is made on a wholly knowing and voluntary basis.

During the orientations and practice runs certified Peer Fitness Trainers, fitness professionals and/or CPAT trained fire fighters (proctors) will be present to help all candidates understand the test elements and how they can improve their physical performance and conditioning prior to taking the test.

Further, the WFI Task Force now requires that all those that are licensed to use the CPAT must fully implement these orientation and pre-test procedures. For those fire departments that are utilizing another Licensee to conduct their CPAT, the fire department, as the employer, must ensure that these changes are incorporated.

After a municipality has completed all aspects of recruiting and mentoring candidates they may administer the actual eight-event test. During the entire test the candidate must wear a 50 lb. weighted vest (simulating the weight of a fire fighters protective clothing and equipment). The eight events are:

    1. Stair Climb (climbing stairs while carrying an additional 25 lb. simulated hose pack)
    2. Ladder Raise and Extension (placing a ground ladder at the fire scene and extending the ladder to the roof or a window)
    3. Hose Drag (stretching uncharged hoselines, advancing lines)
    4. Equipment Carry (removing and carrying equipment from fire apparatus to fireground)
    5. Forcible Entry (penetrating a locked door, breaching a wall)
    6. Search (crawling through dark unpredictable areas to search for victims)
    7. Rescue Drag (removing victim or partner from a fire building)
    8. Ceiling Pull (locating fire and checking for fire extension)

For more information, contact [email protected]

International Association of Fire Fighters
Attn: Health and Safety Division
1750 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006

JurisdictionState/ProvinceNumberTypeTesting Source
AnnistonAL1121FullAlabama Fire College
WinfieldAL1005FullAlabama Fire College
West BlountAL963FullAlabama Fire College
Bay MinnetteAL367FullAlabama Fire College
Muscle ShoalsAL962FullAlabama Fire College
MadisonAL931FullAlabama Fire College
TuscumbiaAL922FullAlabama Fire College
Alabama Fire CollegeALLL-025Limited
AthensAL811FullAlabama Fire College
PrichardAL854FullMobile Fire Department
Huntsville AirportAL774FullHuntsville Fire Department
PrattevilleAL40FullAlabama Fire College
Phoenix CityAL102FullInternal
NorthportAL112FullAlabama Fire College
Rocky RidgeAL165FullInternal
AnnistonAL219FullAlabama Fire College
Fort PayneAL243FullInternal
TuscaloosaAL254FullAlabama Fire College
TarrantAL312FullAlabama Fire College
FlorenceAL317FullAlabama Fire College
BessemerAL320FullAlabama Fire College
N. ShelbyAL323FullAlabama Fire College
Vestavia HillsAL324FullAlabama Fire College
GasdenAL336FullAlabama Fire College
Pell CityAL337FullAlabama Fire College
AlabasterAL340FullAlabama Fire College
CaleraAL341FullAlabama Fire College
FayetteAL342FullAlabama Fire College
Mountain BrookAL343FullAlabama Fire College
ValleyAL344FullAlabama Fire College
TalladegaAL347FullAlabama Fire College
SaralandAL348FullAlabama Fire College
AttallaAL349FullAlabama Fire College
MoodyAL350FullAlabama Fire College
DemopolisAL351FullAlabama Fire College
TrussvilleAL362FullAlabama Fire College
Alexander CityAL363FullAlabama Fire College
GraysvilleAL364FullAlabama Fire College
SylacougaAL365FullAlabama Fire College
HueytownAL368FullAlabama Fire College
LanettAL369FullAlabama Fire College
EnterpriseAL370FullAlabama Fire College
Cahaba ValleyAL371FullAlabama Fire College
ChelseaAL372FullAlabama Fire College
GreenvilleAL373FullAlabama Fire College
FairfieldAL374FullAlabama Fire College
TroyAL386FullAlabama Fire College
EufaulaAL392FullAlabama Fire College
AtmoreAL398FullAlabama Fire College
FoleyAL400FullAlabama Fire College
DecaturAL408FullAlabama Fire College
JasperAL419FullAlabama Fire College
SpringvilleAL420FullAlabama Fire College
TallahasseeAL421FullAlabama Fire College
Center PointAL422FullAlabama Fire College
ConcordAL423FullAlabama Fire College
MidfieldAL431FullAlabama Fire College
GuntersvilleAL451FullAlabama Fire College
ScottsboroAL454FullAlabama Fire College
OzarkAL459FullAlabama Fire College
BrewtonAL462FullAlabama Fire College
AlbertvilleAL463FullAlabama Fire College
TuskeegeeAL464FullAlabama Fire College
Gulf ShoresAL468FullAlabama Fire College
HomewoodAL469FullAlabama Fire College
AndalusiaAL473FullAlabama Fire College
BrierfieldAL487FullAlabama Fire College
ChickasawAL489FullAlabama Fire College
ArabAL495FullAlabama Fire College
OppAL501FullAlabama Fire College
HarpersvilleAL505FullAlabama Fire College
PelhamAL519FullAlabama Fire College
Sylvan SpringsAL521FullAlabama Fire College
AdamsvilleAL522FullAlabama Fire College
HamiltonAL523FullAlabama Fire College
Pleasant GroveAL527FullAlabama Fire College
OdenvilleAL572FullAlabama Fire College
FlomatonAL587FullAlabama Fire College
RussellvilleAL603FullAlabama Fire College
MargaretAL611FullAlabama Fire College
HelenaAL612FullAlabama Fire College
Golder RanchAZ1176FullNTN Phoenix
Mountain VistaAZ1159FullNTN-Phoenix
Williamson ValleyAZ1095FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Verde ValleyAZ1018FullNational Testing Network
Queen CreekAZ1003FullNational Testing Network
MaricopaAZ979FullMaricopa CCD
Casa GrandeAZ972FullMaricopa CCD
Buckeye ValleyAZ946FullNational Testing Network
ClarkdaleAZ943FullNational Testing Network
Lake Havasu CityAZ927FullNational Testing Network
Maricopa Community College DistrictAZLL-016Limited
National Testing NetworkAZLL-018Limited
El MirageAZ834FullMaricopa CCD
PrescottAZ718FullNational Testing Network
PhoenixAZ8FullMaricopa CCD
GoodyearAZ13FullMaricopa CCD
GlendaleAZ25FullMaricopa CCD
ChandlerAZ27FullMaricopa CCD
PeoriaAZ32FullMaricopa CCD
LaveenAZ40LimitedApe Training Center/Public Safety Athlete
Sun LakesAZ59FullMaricopa CCD
GilbertAZ85FullMaricopa CCD
AvondaleAZ86FullNational Testing Network
SurpriseAZ97FullNational Testing Network
MesaAZ103FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Daisy MountainAZ105FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
TempeAZ107FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
SedonaAZ134FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Sun City WestAZ166FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
BuckeyeAZ169FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
ScottsdaleAZ171FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Northwest TucsonAZ178FullInternal
GuadalupeAZ212FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
TollesonAZ278FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
YumaAZ355FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Black CanyonAZ432FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Rural/MetroAZ558FullMaricopa CCs & NTN
Central YavapaiAZ659FullNational Testing Network
Evolve Tactical FitnessAZ35Limited
Prince GeorgeBC132FullAbbotsford
Maple RidgeBC671FullAbbotsford
Jackson ValleyCA1172FullCALJAC
Menlo ParkCA1126FullCALJAC
Santa Clara CountyCA1106FullCALJAC
Huntington BeachCA1104FullCALJAC
San Bernardino CityCA1103FullCALJAC
Sutter CountyCA1094FullCALJAC
San RafaelCA1076FullCALJAC
Chula VistaCA1071FullCALJAC
Palm SpringsCA856FullCALJAC
North CountyCA857FullCALJAC
Cathedral CityCA860FullCALJAC
Central CalaverasCA861FullCALJAC
Belmont-San CarlosCA862FullCALJAC
El DoradoCA865FullCALJAC
San RamonCA867FullCALJAC
Scotts ValleyCA846FullCALJAC
Chino ValleyCA847FullCALJAC
Aptos La SelvaCA850FullCALJAC
Santa Clara CountyCA852FullCALJAC
Rancho CucamongaCA853FullCALJAC
Santa CruzCA839FullCALJAC
San JoseCA840FullCALJAC
Oxnard CityCA841FullCALJAC
Los Angeles CountyCA6FullCALJAC
Kern CountyCA18FullCALJAC
Ventura County-CamarilloCA26FullCALJAC
Contra Costa CountyCA65FullCALJAC
California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship (CALJAC)CALL-015LimitedCALJAC
San FranciscoCA160FullCALJAC
Marin CountyCA524FullCALJAC
City of ClovisCA1196Full
AuroraCO1081FullAims CC & Pikes Peak CC
VailCO1050FullAccepts cert from all licensees
Aims Community CollegeCOLL-028Limited
Tri-Lakes MonumentCO932FullAims CC
RifleCO918FullAims CC
City of Grand JunctionCO1328FullInternal
Eagle RiverCO736FullAccepts cert from all licenses
PoudreCO38FullAims CC & Pikes Peak CC
Colorado SpringsCO47FullAccepts cert from all licenses
South Metro Fire Rescue AuthorityCO122FullAims CC & Pikes Peak CC
Union Colony-GreeleyCO135Full
Pikes Peak Community CollegeCOLL-022Limited
LongmontCO240FullAims CC
Greater BrightonCO539Full
Mountain ViewCO540FullAims CC
LovelandCO576FullAims CC
CunninghamCO594FullAims CC & Pikes Peak CC
LittletonCO622FullCity of Denver
WindsorCO1212FullAims Community College
New HavenCT51LimitedComplete Health Injury Prevention (CHIPS)
FarmingtonCT916FullConnecticut Fire Academy
New HavenCT836FullConnecticut Fire Academy
MilfordCT803FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WestportCT813FullConnecticut Fire Academy
West ShoreCT816FullConnecticut Fire Academy
BranfordCT747FullConnecticut Fire Academy
BridgeportCT742FullConnecticut Fire Academy
MansfieldCT743FullConnecticut Fire Academy
New LondonCT746FullConnecticut Fire Academy
StamfordCT741FullConnecticut Fire Academy
TorringtonCT744FullConnecticut Fire Academy
West HartfordCT748FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WiltonCT749FullConnecticut Fire Academy
Mohegan TribalCT739FullConnecticut Fire Academy
NorwichCT735FullConnecticut Fire Academy
AllingtownCT734FullConnecticut Fire Academy
North HavenCT733FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WallingfordCT732FullConnecticut Fire Academy
StratfordCT731FullConnecticut Fire Academy
HamdenCT730FullConnecticut Fire Academy
East HavenCT729FullConnecticut Fire Academy
SuffieldCT728FullConnecticut Fire Academy
Connecticut Fire AcademyCTLL-003LimitedConnecticut Fire Academy
Poquonnock Bridge FireCT272FullConnecticut Fire Academy
ManchesterCT277FullConnecticut Fire Academy
CromwellCT309FullConnecticut Fire Academy
DanburyCT316FullConnecticut Fire Academy
SouthingtonCT437FullConnecticut Fire Academy
GuilfordCT460FullConnecticut Fire Academy
East HartfordCT461FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WillamanticCT466FullConnecticut Fire Academy
New BritainCT467FullConnecticut Fire Academy
East HaddamCT494FullConnecticut Fire Academy
NaugatuckCT499FullConnecticut Fire Academy
MeridenCT507FullConnecticut Fire Academy
MiddletownCT508FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WaterfordCT509FullConnecticut Fire Academy
RidgefieldCT552FullConnecticut Fire Academy
WaterburyCT553FullConnecticut Fire Academy
South Fire DistrictCT617FullConnecticut Fire Academy
District of ColumbiaDC722FullInternal
Metropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityDC1206FullPrince William County Fire and Rescue Department
South Trail Fire Protection & Rescue Service DistrictFL1316FullExternal
San Carlos Park Fire & Rescue DistrictFL1276FullNTN
Boynton BeachFL1260FullNTN
Okeechobee CountyFL1253FullNTN
Winter GardenFL1243FullNTN
North RiverFL1238FullNTN
Palm Beach GardensFL1237FullNTN
Martin CountyFL1239FullNTN
Mount DoraFL1194Full
Taylor CountyFL1178FullSeminole County
Polk CountyFL1174FullNTNPTEC
Citrus CountyFL1168FullNTNPTEC
Lake MaryFL1154FullSeminole County
LongwoodFL1153FullSeminole County
Alachua CountyFL1130FullInternal
Alachua CountyFL1130FullInternal
Charlotte CountyFL1127FullNTNPTEC
The VillagesFL1118FullNTNPTEC
North PortFL1087FullNTNPTEC
DeltonaFL1088FullSeminole County
Cape CoralFL1072FullInternal
Iona McGregorFL1066FullInternal
North NaplesFL1065FullInternal
West Palm BeachFL1060FullPalm Beach State College
EnglewoodFL1046FullNTN – PTEC
VeniceFL1049FullNTN – PTEC
Sarasota CountyFL1042FullNTN – PTEC
Haines CityFL1033FullNTN – PTED
Cedar HammockFL1023FullNTN – PTEC
West ManateeFL1019FullNTN – PTEC
Longboat KeyFL1009FullNTN – PTEC
NaplesFL1000FullNTN – PTEC
Pasco CountyFL987FullNTN – PTEC
OcalaFL986FullNTN – PTEC
Palm Beach CountyFL971FullPalm Beach State College
SanfordFL966FullSeminole County FD
TampaFL960FullNTN – PTEC
BrooksvilleFL950FullNTN – PTEC
Spring HillFL945FullNTN – PTEC
Hernando CountyFL940FullNTN – PTEC
Hillsborough CountyFL938FullNTN – PTEC
National Testing NetworkFLLL-018LimitedPTEC
National Testing NetworkFLLL-018LimitedCTAE
Brevard CountyFL937FullSeminole County
St. Pete BeachFL905FullNTN – PTEC
St. Pete-Clearwater AirportFL906FullNTN – PTEC
St. PetersburgFL907FullNTN – PTEC
South PasadenaFL908FullNTN – PTEC
Tarpon SpringsFL909FullNTN – PTEC
Treasure IslandFL910FullNTN – PTEC
Seminole CountyFL914FullNTN – PTEC
GulfportFL892FullNTN – PTEC
LargoFL893FullNTN – PTEC
LealmanFL894FullNTN – PTEC
Madeira BeachFL895FullNTN – PTEC
OldsmarFL896FullNTN – PTEC
DunedinFL898FullNTN – PTEC
East LakeFL899FullNTN – PTEC
Palm HarborFL900FullNTN – PTEC
Pinellas ParkFL901FullNTN – PTEC
Pinellas SuncoastFL902FullNTN – PTEC
Safety HarborFL903FullNTN – PTEC
SeminoleFL904FullNTN – PTEC
Miami-Dade CountyFL7FullInternal
Deerfield BeachFL36FullPalm Beach State College
North Palm BeachFL60FullInternal
Boca RatonFL115FullNTN – PTEC
Volusia CountyFL149FullNTN – PTEC
HialeahFL161FullPalm Beach State College
Palm Beach State CollegeFLLL-010Limited
Town of  Palm BeachFL308FullInternal
Orange CountyFL356FullInternal
ClearwaterFL541FullNTN – PTEC
South ManateeFL1211FullNTN
Ormond BeachFL1213FullNTN
Reedy CreekFL1181FullNTN
Palm CoastFL1225FullNTN
Flagler CountyFL1226NTN
Athens-Clarke CountyGA42FullInternal
Fulton CountyGA251FullInternal
Henry Co.GA318FullInternal
Cedar RapidsIA959FullInternal
Cedar FallsIA912FullInternal
Sioux CityIA886FullInternal
Iowa CityIA881FullInternal
Council BluffsIA51FullInternal
West Des MoinesIA87FullInternal
Des MoinesIA133FullInternal
LemontIL1308FullLemont Fire Protection District
StreatorIL1146FullAccepts cert from all licensees
AltonIL1147FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
ChicagoIL1117FullNIPSTA & SUFD
NormalIL1120FullDecatur Fire Department
UrbanaIL1122FullNIPSTA & SUFD
North Maine Fire Protection Dist.IL1078FullNIPSTA
Village of StreamwoodIL1073FullNIPSTA
Huntley Fire DistrictIL1074FullNIPSTA
Hoffman EstatesIL1061FullNIPSTA
Mount ProspectIL1054FullNIPSTA
MABAS 24ILLL-041Limited License
Village of WheelingIL221FullNIPSTA
Arlington HeightsIL1037FullNIPSTA
McHenry TownshipIL988FullNIPSTA
Oak ParkIL948FullNIPSTA
Bedford ParkIL942FullSUFD
Palos HeightsIL876FullNIPSTA
Hanover ParkIL859FullNIPSTA
Lake ForestIL828FullNIPSTA
Morton GroveIL74FullNIPSTA
La GrangeIL167FullNIPSTA
Highland ParkIL303FullNIPSTA
Lake in the HillsIL329FullNIPSTA
Lake ZurichIL345FullNIPSTA
Forest ParkIL413FullNIPSTA
Prospect HeightsIL504FullNIPSTA
Park RidgeIL549FullNIPSTA
West ChicagoIL557FullNIPSTA
Palantine RuralIL573FullNIPSTA
Countryside FPDIL585FullNIPSTA
Vernon HillsIL585FullNIPSTA
Crystal LakeIL588FullNIPSTA
East PeoriaIL591FullNIPSTA
St. CharlesIL621FullNIPSTA
West DundeeIL672FullNIPSTA
Rock IslandIL1218Full
Southwest United Fire DistrictsIL031Limited
Central Illinois Fire Chief’s AssociationIL030Limited
ColumbusIN047LimitedColumbus Public Training Facility
New CastleIN1187FullESEC
Columbia CityIN1156FullFt. Wayne
East ChicagoIN1148FullAccepts certs from all licenses
Purdue University FDIN1090FullESEC
West LafayetteIN939FullESEC
Beech GroveIN934FullESEC
Multi-Agency Academic Coorperation (MAAC)IN48Limited 
Washington TownshipIN52FullESEC
Vincennes UniversityIN46Limited
South BendIN104Full
Wayne TownshipIN227FullESEC
Brownsburg Fire TerritoryIN229FullESEC
Decatur TownshipIN296FullESEC
Franklin Twp.IN300FullESEC
Pike TownshipIN304FullESEC
White RiverIN327FullESEC
Emergency Services Education CenterINLL-005LimitedESEC
Indianapolis Airport FDIN434FullESEC
Terre HauteIN452FullESEC
Crown PointIN496FullESEC
Perry TownshipIN543Full
Ft. WayneIN575Full
Sugar Creek TownshipIN582FullESEC
Van WertIN658Full
Arkansas CityKS1190FullHutchinson CC
McPhersonKS1051FullHutchinson CC
Overland ParkKS1001FullJohnson Community College
Johnson Community CollegeKSLL-030Limited
Butler Community CollegeKSLL-029Limited
DerbyKS926FullHutchinson Community College
Great BendKS880FullHutchinson Community College
SalinaKS814FullHutchinson Community College
WinfieldKS815FullHutchinson Community College
Butler County District #3KS753FullHutchinson Community College
NewtonKS23FullHutchinson Community College
Sedgewick CountyKS30FullHutchinnson Community College
Hutchinson Community CollegeKSLL-006Limited
El DoradoKS151FullButler Community College
WichitaKS152FullAccepts certs from all Kansas Colleges
HutchinsonKS157FullHutchinson Community College
Lawrence Douglas County FireKS215FullAccepts certs from all Kansas Colleges
HopkinsvilleKY1189FullKentucky Fire Commission
Campbell CountyKY1068FullKentucky Fire Commission
Bourbon CountyKY1167FullKentucky Fire Commission
CattlettsburgKY1160FullKentucky Fire Commission
ErlangerKY1161FullKentucky Fire Commission
Mt. WashingtonKY1164FullKentucky Fire Commission
SomersetKY1152FullKentucky Fire Commission
PikevilleKY1149FullKentucky Fire Commission
ShepherdsvilleKY1150FullKentucky Fire Commission
FairdaleKY1143FullKentucky Fire Commission
HighviewKY1136FullKentucky Fire Commission
Fern CreekKY1137FullKentucky Fire Commission
McMahanKY1138FullKentucky Fire Commission
Daviess Co.KY1139FullKentucky Fire Commission
Pleasure Ridge ParkKY1140FullKentucky Fire Commission
OkolonaKY1141FullKentucky Fire Commission
WorthingtonKY1142FullKentucky Fire Commission
DanvilleKY1132FullKentucky Fire Commission
LyndonKY1134FullKentucky Fire Commission
MiddlesboroKY1135FullKentucky Fire Commission
LeitchfieldKY1129FullKentucky Fire Commission
LouisvilleKY1128FullKentucky Fire Commission
LexingtonKY1110FullKentucky Fire Commission
ShelbyvilleKY1123FullKentucky Fire Commission
Scott CountyKY1124FullKentucky Fire Commission
Southern CampbellKY1125FullKentucky Fire Commission
BereaKY1119FullKentucky Fire Commission
RadcliffKY1112FullKentucky Fire Commission
NicholasvilleKY1111FullKentucky Fire Commission
FrankfortKY1107FullKentucky Fire Commission
Clark CountyKY1079FullKentucky Fire Commission
Central CampbellKY1062FullKentucky Fire Commission
Bellevue-DaytonKY1058FullKentucky Fire Commission
ElizabethtownKY1056FullKentucky Fire Commission
WilderKY1035FullKentucky Fire Commission
ElsmereKY1026FullKentucky Fire Commission
AlexandriaKY1014FullKentucky Fire Commission
CovingtonKY1013FullKentucky Fire Commission
NewportKY992FullKentucky Fire Commission
Fort ThomasKY993FullKentucky Fire Commission
BurlingtonKY994FullKentucky Fire Commission
MurrayKY958FullKentucky Fire Commission
FlorenceKY957FullKentucky Fire Commission
HebronKY954FullKentucky Fire Commission
JeffersontownKY952FullKentucky Fire Commission
Kentucky Fire CommissionKYLL-007Limited
OwensboroKY34FullKentucky Fire Commission
Bowling GreenKY129FullKentucky Fire Commission
HendersonKY358FullKentucky Fire Commission
WinchesterKY613FullKentucky Fire Commission
PaducahKY670FullKentucky Fire Commission
South OldhamKY1202FullKentucky Fire Commission
ParisKY1209FullKentucky Fire Commission
St. Tammany Parrish (Mandeville)LA574FullInternal
St. Tammany FD # 1(Slidell)LA579FullInternal
Prince Georges CountyMD947FullInternal
Montgomery CountyMD35FullInternal
Frederick CountyMD50FullInternal
Anne Arundel CountyMD54FullInternal
Howard County-CooksvilleMD57FullInternal
BWI AirportMD62FullInternal
Baltimore CityMD121FullInternal
South PortlandME1145FullInternal
Grand RapidsMI1311FullInternal
YpsilantiMI1114FullSchoolcraft College
WarrenMI1099FullSchoolcraft College
Farmington HillsMI1020FullSchoolcraft College
West BloomfieldMI969FullSchoolcraft College
BirminghamMI967FullSchoolcraft College
InksterMI877FullSchoolcraft College
WayneMI878FullSchoolcraft College
WestlandMI879FullSchoolcraft College
LivoniaMI825FullSchoolcraft College
Wayne County AirportMI801FullSchoolcraft College
Plymouth CountyMI800FullSchoolcraft College
BrownstownMI771FullSchoolcraft College
Dearborn HeightsMI772FullSchoolcraft College
MelvindaleMI790FullSchoolcraft College
Northville TownshipMI789FullSchoolcraft College
NoviMI788FullSchoolcraft College
Ann ArborMI412FullSchoolcraft College
Schoolcraft College – Fire TrainingMILL-023Limited
Sterling HeightsMI516FullSchoolcraft College
FarmingtonMI544FullSchoolcraft College
AdrianMI583FullSchoolcraft College
Clinton TownshipMI598FullSchoolcraft College
Huron TownshipMI599FullSchoolcraft College
SouthgateMI600FullSchoolcraft College
Bloomfield TownshipMI619FullSchoolcraft College
Lake Superior CollegeMNLL-033Limited
MinneapolisMN1108FullHennepin Technical College
EdinaMN1063FullHennepin Technical College
Hennepin Technical CollegeMNLL-011Limited
Red WingMN569Full
WentzvilleMO1191FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
St. CharlesMO1184FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
MehlvilleMO1091FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
CottlevilleMO1086FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Webster GrovesMO1048FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Valley ParkMO1038FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Maplewood –MO1034FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Maryland HeightsMO1029FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Richmond HeightsMO1028FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
PattonvilleMO1027FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
AfftonMO1024FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
University CityMO1022FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
ShrewsburyMO1021FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
West CountyMO1016FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
St. Louis CityMO1011FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
FrontenacMO1017FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
West OverlandMO1012FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
ClaytonMO1008FullSt. Louis Co. Consortium
Kansas CityMO43FullInternal
Blue River Community CollegeMOLL-013Limited
North Kansas CityMO168FullInternal
Central Jackson CountyMO172FullBlue River Community
Lee’s SummitMO175FullBlue River Community
IndependenceMO176FullBlue River Community
GrandviewMO190FullBlue River Community
Southern PlatteMO204FullBlue River Community
SmithvilleMO210FullBlue River Community
South Salt LakeMO1204FullInternal
O’FallenMO1205FullSt. Louis County Fire Academy
HattiesburgMS661FullMississippi State Fire Academy
FultonMS998FullMississippi State Fire Academy
VeronaMS988FullMississippi State Fire Academy
DiamondheadMS797FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PhiladelphiaMS798FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PontotocMS799FullMississippi State Fire Academy
New AlbanyMS725FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ThornMS720FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BassfieldMS668FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ColumbusMS33FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Horn LakeMS67FullMississippi State Fire Academy
GreenvilleMS120FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BiloxiMS138FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Mississippi State Fire AcademyMSLL-014Limited
CorinthMS216FullMississippi State Fire Academy
MadisonMS326FullMississippi State Fire Academy
WavelandMS346FullMississippi State Fire Academy
EllisvilleMS352FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Olive BranchMS353FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PascagoulaMS354FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Water ValleyMS359FullMississippi State Fire Academy
LucedaleMS366FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Ocean SpringsMS377FullMississippi State Fire Academy
LouisvilleMS378FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Harrison CO.MS385FullMississippi State Fire Academy
West PointMS388FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Attala CO.MS389FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BatesvilleMS390FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Lamar CO.MS391FullMississippi State Fire Academy
McCombMS395FullMississippi State Fire Academy
RichlandMS396FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BoonevilleMS401FullMississippi State Fire Academy
D’IbervilleMS402FullMississippi State Fire Academy
HernandoMS403FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Yazoo CityMS404FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PicayuneMS405FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Sunflower Co.MS406FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BelzoniMS409FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ForestMS410FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Jackson Co.MS411FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Lowndes CountyMS414FullMississippi State Fire Academy
NewtonMS415FullMississippi State Fire Academy
SouthhavenMS416FullMississippi State Fire Academy
OxfordMS417FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Lafayette Co.MS418FullMississippi State Fire Academy
CarthageMS424FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Forrest Co.MS425FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Rankin Co.MS426FullMississippi State Fire Academy
IndianolaMS427FullMississippi State Fire Academy
WallsMS428FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Claiborne Co.MS436FullMississippi State Fire Academy
MonticelloMS447FullMississippi State Fire Academy
CollinsMS450FullMississippi State Fire Academy
OkolonaMS471FullMississippi State Fire Academy
SenatobiaMS475FullMississippi State Fire Academy
WinonaMS476FullMississippi State Fire Academy
North Tunica Co.MS546FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Neshoba Co.MS547FullMississippi State Fire Academy
MageeMS562FullMississippi State Fire Academy
LaurelMS570FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PearlMS623FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ReservoirMS625FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PetalMS626FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Pass ChristianMS627FullMississippi State Fire Academy
RidgelandMS629FullMississippi State Fire Academy
TupeloMS628FullMississippi State Fire Academy
CantonMS630FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ClintonMS631FullMississippi State Fire Academy
GreenwoodMS632FullMississippi State Fire Academy
GautierMS633FullMississippi State Fire Academy
VicksburgMS634FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BrandonMS635FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Moss PointMS636FullMississippi State Fire Academy
BrookhavenMS637FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Gulf Park EstatesMS638FullMississippi State Fire Academy
AberdeenMS639FullMississippi State Fire Academy
GrenadaMS640FullMississippi State Fire Academy
AmoryMS641FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ColumbiaMS642FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Leake County RuralMS643FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PrentissMS644FullMississippi State Fire Academy
WigginsMS645FullMississippi State Fire Academy
HazelurstMS646FullMississippi State Fire Academy
WaynesboroMS648FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Holly SpringsMS649FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ClarksdaleMS650FullMississippi State Fire Academy
GulfportMS651FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Central LamarMS652FullMississippi State Fire Academy
LelandMS653FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Bay St. LouisMS654FullMississippi State Fire Academy
PoplarvilleMS655FullMississippi State Fire Academy
NatchezMS656FullMississippi State Fire Academy
LewisburgMS657FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Long BeachMS660FullMississippi State Fire Academy
HoustonMS661FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Tippah CountyMS662FullMississippi State Fire Academy
StarkvilleMS663FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Greater MantachieMS664FullMississippi State Fire Academy
MerdianMS665FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Northwest NoxubeeMS669FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Loyd StarMS702FullMississippi State Fire Academy
ShermanMS703FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Scott CountyMS712FullMississippi State Fire Academy
SaltilloMS715FullMississippi State Fire Academy
Big SkyMT989FullMontana Testing Consortium
Lockwood RuralMT776FullMontana Testing Consortium
BillingsMT11FullMontana Testing Consortium
HelenaMT14FullMontana Testing Consortium
Miles CityMT19FullMontana Testing Consortium
MissoulaMT20FullMontana Testing Consortium
Missoula RuralMT21FullMontana Testing Consortium
Butte-Silver BowMT88FullMontana Testing Consortium
BozemanMT125FullMontana Testing Consortium
Great FallsMT128FullMontana Testing Consortium
Asheville Fire DepartmentNCL0332FullInternal
High PointNC217FullInternal
Grand ForksND270FullInternal
Morrow & AssociatesNELL-031Limited
ChesterNH1071FullNH State Fire Academy
LitchfieldNH1157FullNH State Fire Academy
MoultonboroughNH1158FullNH State Fire Academy
PittsfieldNH1084FullNH State Fire Academy
LaconiaNH1043FullNH State Fire Academy
AmherstNH1044FullNH State Fire Academy
PlaistowNH1041FullNH State Fire Academy
BowNH1031FullNH State Fire Academy
BrentwoodNH1032FullNH State Fire Academy
BerlinNH980FullNH State Fire Academy
WindhamNH985FullNH State Fire Academy
RaymondNH961FullNH State Fire Academy
New Hampshire Fire AcademyNHLL-026LimitedNH State Fire Academy
BridgewaterNH928FullNH State Fire Academy
WakefieldNH920FullNH State Fire Academy
HopkintonNH870FullNH State Fire Academy
NorthwoodNH835FullNH State Fire Academy
GilmantonNH831FullNH State Fire Academy
NashuaNH830FullNH State Fire Academy
TiltonNorthfieldNH791FullNH State Fire Academy
PelhamNH812FullNH State Fire Academy
BarringtonNH796FullNH State Fire Academy
DoverNH792FullNH State Fire Academy
FranklinNH793FullNH State Fire Academy
NewingtonNH794FullNH State Fire Academy
PortsmouthNH795FullNH State Fire Academy
PlymouthNH727FullNH State Fire Academy
EpsonNH737FullNH State Fire Academy
ConcordNH738FullNH State Fire Academy
North HamptonNH773FullNH State Fire Academy
KingstonNH673FullNH State Fire Academy
HamptonNH674FullNH State Fire Academy
ExeterNH675FullNH State Fire Academy
SanborntonNH676FullNH State Fire Academy
MerrimackNH677FullNH State Fire Academy
SomersworthNH678FullNH State Fire Academy
DerryNH679FullNH State Fire Academy
ConwayNH680FullNH State Fire Academy
AuburnNH681FullNH State Fire Academy
DurhamNH682FullNH State Fire Academy
LondonderryNH683FullNH State Fire Academy
EppingNH684FullNH State Fire Academy
SalemNH685FullNH State Fire Academy
PeaseNH686FullNH State Fire Academy
MiltonNH687FullNH State Fire Academy
BelmontNH688FullNH State Fire Academy
RyeNH689FullNH State Fire Academy
BedfordNH690FullNH State Fire Academy
WolfeboroNH691FullNH State Fire Academy
GoffstownNH692FullNH State Fire Academy
HanoverNH693FullNH State Fire Academy
HooksettNH694FullNH State Fire Academy
BarnsteadNH695FullNH State Fire Academy
KeeneNH696FullNH State Fire Academy
ClaremontNH697FullNH State Fire Academy
LebanonNH698FullNH State Fire Academy
MilfordNH699FullNH State Fire Academy
RochesterNH700FullNH State Fire Academy
Manchester Regional Airport FireNH701FullNH State Fire Academy
HudsonNH705FullNH State Fire Academy
LoudonNH706FullNH State Fire Academy
ManchesterNH707FullNH State Fire Academy
SeabrookNH708FullNH State Fire Academy
HennikerNH709FullNH State Fire Academy
GilfordNH716FullNH State Fire Academy
LittletonNH717FullNH State Fire Academy
Campton-Thorton Fire RescueNH1245Full
Rio RanchoNM1067FullAlbuquerque Fire Department
Halifax, Nova ScotiaNS282Full
MesquiteNV1159FullAccepts certs from all licenses
College of Southern NevadaNVLL-034Limited
Clark CountyNV90FullInternal
Las VegasNV230FullInternal
Henderson FireNV266FullInternal
City Of SparksNV1198FullCALJAC
North Las VegasNV1207FullCollege of Southern Nevada
Lake MoheganNY824Full
LarchmontNY809FullWestchester County
MamaroneckNY810FullWestchester County
RyeNY819FullWestchester County
HartsdaleNY804FullWestchester County
GreenvilleNY805FullWestchester County
New RochelleNY806FullWestchester County
Port ChesterNY807FullWestchester County
Niagara FallsNY787FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
New YorkNY10FullInternal
Westchester CountyNY604FullInternal
Deerfield TownshipOH968Full
MarysvilleOH1077FullMiami Alliance Consortium
West LickingOH1010FullInternal
CVG AirportOH996FullKentucky State Fire Commission
Sycamore TownshipOH832FullInternal
Jefferson TownshipOH761FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
KetteringOH762FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
MiamisburgOH763FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
MoraineOH764FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
New LebanonOH765FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
OakwoodOH766FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
PhillipsburgOH767FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
RiversideOH768FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Washington TownshipOH769FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
BellbrookOH751FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
BrookvilleOH752FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Butler TownshipOH754FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
ClaytonOH755FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
DaytonOH756FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
EngelwoodOH757FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
GermantownOH758FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Harrison TownshipOH759FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Jackson TownshipOH760FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Huber HeightsOH31FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
TrotwoodOH45FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
Miami TownshipOH69FullMiami Valley Alliance Consortium
FranklinOH80FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
BeavercreekOH213FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
EvendaleOH331FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
Green TownshipOH397FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
Madeira & Indian HillOH485FullInternal
ChevoitOH491FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
GlendaleOH529FullAccepts certs from all CPAT licenses
Broken ArrowOK1036FullInternal
DunconOK941FullEOC Technology Center
JenksOK851FullEOC Technology Center
Oklahoma CityOK68FullInternal
The Village Fire Dept.OK70FullEOC Technology Center
KingfisherOK75FullEOC Technology Center
ShawneeOK92FullEOC Technology Center
GuthrieOK94FullEOC Technology Center
El RenoOK95FullEOC Technology Center
BethenyOK155FullEOC Technology Center
ChickashaOK158FullEOC Technology Center
Will Rogers World Airport Fire Dept.OK273FullEOC Technology Center
Midwest CityOK274FullEOC Technology Center
EOC Technology CenterOKLL-004Limited
Del CityOK281FullEOC Technology Center
Nichols HillsOK289FullEOC Technology Center
StillwaterOK332FullEOC Technology Center
NewcastleOK480FullEOC Technology Center
NobleOK481FullEOC Technology Center
MustangOK482FullEOC Technology Center
WewokaOK483FullEOC Technology Center
NormanOK575FullEOC Technology Center
CushingOK602FullEOC Technology Center
ChandlerOK615FullEOC Technology Center
Ponca CityOK78FullEOC Technology Center
Firefighter Services of OntarioONLL-002Limited
St. CatharinesONFull1186Fire Fighter Services of Ontario
Port ColburnON783FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
StratfordON784FullAll Canadian Limited Licensees
ThoroldON785FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
WoodstockON786FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
BurlingtonON777FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
BrandtfordON778FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
CaledonON779FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
CollingwoodON780FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
LincolnON781FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
Niagara-on-the-LakeON782FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
OttawaON41FullUniversity of Waterloo
North BayON56FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
University of WaterlooONLL-012Limited
PembrokeON117FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
WindsorON207FullCPAT License on Hold
MarkhamON299FullCPAT License on Hold
CambridgeON334FullAll Canadian Limited Licensees
KitchenerON335FullUniversity of Waterloo
GuelphON338FullAll Canadian Limited Licensees
City of WaterlooON339FullAll Canadian Limited Licensees
BramptonON429FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
WellandON430FullUniversity of Waterloo
OakvilleON470FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
OrilliaON502FullFire Fighter Services of Ontario
TorontoON520FullUniversity of Waterloo
Toronto Airport AuthorityON719FullInternal
City of Niagara FallsON1216Full
ScappooseOR1154FullNational Testing Network
Mid-ColumbiaOR1113FullNational Testing Network
RedmondOR1069FullNational Testing Network
AlbanyOR1057FullNational Testing Network
GreshamOR978FullNational Testing Network
BendOR930FullNational Testing Network
National Testing NetworkORLL-018Limited
Tualitan ValleyOR109FullInternal
EugeneOR126FullNational Testing Network
Port of PortlandOR726FullTualatin Valley
SalemOR616FullNational Testing Network
Township of SpringPA1089FullInternal
York Area UnitedPA1025FullInternal
Manheim TownshipPA729FullInternal
Myrtle BeachSC233FullInternal
Sioux FallsSD83FullInternal
ReginaSK174FullCalgary Fire Department
Oak RidgeTN1223Full
Travis County #2TX995Full
El PasoTX37Full
San AntonioTX61Full
Corpus ChristyTX139Full
Lamar Institute of TechnologyTXLL-008Limited
Orange CountyTX173Full
Round RockTX181Full
Texas CityTX271Full
Port ArthurTX601Full
Roy CityUT77Full
Weber Fire DistrictUT220Full
Salt Lake CityUT288Full
Utah Valley UniversityUTLL-021Limited
West ValleyUT333Full
Ogden CityUT361Full
South JordanUT1195Full
Murray CityUT1199FullInternal
Sandy CityUT1200FullInternal
West JordanUT1201FullInternal
Virginia BeachVA944Full
Prince William County Dept. of Fire & RescueVA93Full
Henrico CountyVA225Full
Hanover Fire & EMSVA228Full
Arlington CountyVA259Full
Chesterfield Fire and EMSVA262Full
Roanoke Co.VA295Full
Roanoke Fire-EMSVA328Full
Vermont Fire AcademyVTLL-024Limited
St. JohnsburyVT917Full
South BurlingtonVT891Full
South Bay Fire DistrictWA1070FullPublic Safety Testing, Inc.
YakimaWA1093FullPublic Safety Testing, Inc.
EatonvilleWA1082FullPublic Safety Testing, Inc.
Moses LakeWA1004Full
South Pierce #17WA991Full
Clallam County #3WA982Full
Snohomish County #22WA984Full
Snohomish County AirportWA925Full
East PierceWA883Full
Vashon IslandWA833Full
South KitsapWA817Full
Thurston Co. District 1WA808Full
Bainbridge IslandWA721Full
Sun CityWA137Full
Bates Technical CollegeWALL-001   Limited
Port of SeattleWA164Full
King County Fire District #45WA182Full
Mason CountyWA187Full
Mason County #2WA837Full
Central KitsapWA188Full
Mercer IslandWA194Full
North KitsapWA196Full
Kitsap CountyWA198Full
Port TownsendWA199Full
King County Fire District #40WA237Full
Thurston County Fire District #9WA239Full
Pierce County 5WA245Full
King County 39WA246Full
Pierce County 3WA247Full
Graham Fire & RescueWA248Full
Lakewood Fire #2WA249Full
Pierce County #8WA250Full
Maple Valley Fire & Life SafetyWA253Full
Public Safety Testing, Inc.WALL-017Limited
Fall City (King County 27)WA297Full
King County Fire District #27WA297Full
Camano IslandWA399Full
North WhatcomWA444Full
Snohomish County – District 1WA474Full
Oak HarborWA532Ful
Ocean ShoresWA533Full
National Testing NetworkWALL-018Limited
Snohomish County – District 17WA565Full
Lake StevensWA580Full
Central Pierce #6WA581Full
Cowlitz #2WA584Full
Port LudlowWA589Full
Snohomish County – District 3WA590Full
Snohomish County – District 7WA597Full
Central Whidbey IslandWA607Full
Key PeninsulaWA609Full
Grays HarborWA618Full
Snohomish County – District 4WA710Full
North CountyWA714Full
Wisconsin RapidsWI1163FullChippewa Valley Tech
NeenahMenashaWI1039FullFox Valley Tech. College
Milwaukee CountyWI983Full
Two RiversWI976Full
De PereWI970Full
Grand ChuteWI935Full
Chippewa FallsWI913Full
Fox Valley Technical CollegeWILL-020Limited
South MilwaukeeWI884Full
St. FrancisWI882Full
West BendWI73Full
Eau ClaireWI116Full
Chippewa Valley Technical CollegeWILL-019Limited
West AllisWI236Full
Stevens PointWI314Full
New BerlinWI376Full
Mt. PleasantWI394Full
Big BendWI449Full
Green BayWI484Full
Fond Du LacWI510Full
North Central Technical CollegeWILL-034Limited
South CharlestonWV294Full
St. AlbansWV595Full