Partnership Education Program (PEP)

The Partnership Education Program (PEP) provides IAFF affiliate leaders with a wide variety of workshops designed to develop their leadership skills and to stay abreast of the latest advancements in labor relations. Each fiscal year, state, and provincial affiliates can choose an Assisted Seminar, a District Conference, Seminar Subsidy, or a PEP Online training event.

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Schedule a PEP Training

Each fiscal year, state and provincial associations can choose an Assisted Seminar or a Seminar Subsidy. Per IAFF policy, all training requests must be submitted to the General President’s office for approval. For a PEP event at your state or provincial association meeting, submit a written request to the General President with the date, approximate number of students expected and location of the event.

Visit the IAFF Events site to view the latest events. For more information, contact to the Department of Education at [email protected]

PEP Seminars and Subsidies

  • One day of customized training for IAFF affiliate leaders presented in conjunction with the state or provincial affiliate annual meeting.
  • Provides IAFF affiliate leaders the training to develop leadership skills.
  • Instructors, curriculum and supplies needed for the training are provided at no cost to the state or provincial affiliate.
  • Provides financial assistance to state and provincial affiliates to support their annual seminars.
  • Provides the supplies needed for training, plus a subsidy of $20 per participant per day (up to a maximum of three days) during any one-year period.
  • he state or provincial affiliate is responsible for supplying their own instructors, curriculum, agenda, the facility, and all other administrative details.

PEP Online

IAFF provides online educational training opportunities to the IAFF state/provincial association and local affiliate leadership who typically may not have the opportunity to attend in-person IAFF events due to fiscal, geographical, or staffing hardships. All PEP Online training deliveries are through the Zoom platform. View the upcoming PEP Online events.

There will be two delivery options for PEP Online:

    1. PEP Online will be delivered throughout two three-week predetermined time periods for a total of six weeks within the fiscal year.
    2. State/Provincial Associations and Local Affiliates may request online training outside of the predetermined time periods.

    District Conferences

    • A District Conference event is delivered in the IAFF District to the district and its local affiliate leadership who typically may not have the opportunity to attend in-person IAFF events due to fiscal, geographical, or staffing hardships.
    • PEP programs delivered at a District Conference offer a wide variety of workshops designed to empower union officers to become more effective leaders through high-quality educational programs geared to strengthen union skills.

    PEP Workshops

    IAFF PEP offers workshops in nine categories that highlight fire service labor relations and the latest bargaining strategies to help affiliate leaders protect their members’ jobs and keep them safe on the job. Select the PEP Catalog button below to explore the nice categories of PEP workshops that are available through training events.

    Become a PEP Instructor

    The Partnership Education Program (PEP) is delivered by IAFF PEP instructors who are appointed by the General President.

    The IAFF accepts applications to become a PEP instructor, but may not expand its instructor roster every year. For qualifications, requirements, or an application form, please contact Education at [email protected].