IAFF Alumni

As retirement nears, it is reassuring to know that your union is and always will be here for you. The IAFF Alumni program is designed to help retirees and former members maintain their relationship and connection with the IAFF.

In This Section

As an IAFF Alumni member you:

  • Keep a membership status within the IAFF
  • Are eligible to continue to receive the Fire Fighter International magazine (at a discounted rate)
  • Qualify for the benefits available to members through the IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) and Union Plus programs

In addition, you will continue to receive regular communications from the IAFF on what’s going on within the fire service, our union, and among our members in the U.S. and Canada.

Fire Fighter International Magazine

How to join

Who Qualifies?

The IAFF Alumni is a free program designed to help retirees and former members maintain their relationship and connection with the IAFF.

Inactive-retired status is for those who have separated from their local union in good standing. If your local offers active-retired membership, Alumni registration is automatic.

If your local offers active-retired membership and you choose to be inactive, Alumni membership is at the discretion of the local president.

Former members with a status of withdrawn must contact their respective local for approval.

What Do I Get?

  • 50% discount on subscription to Fire Fighter International – $9 per year (active-retired members receive the magazine at no cost)
  • Membership packet to include card and decals
  • Access to IAFF website and the Online store
  • Insurance and financial services from the IAFF Financial Corporation
  • Discounts through Union Plus

Active-retired Alumni

Active-retired membership status is offered by some IAFF affiliates. Locals can only offer this status if it is included in their constitution and by-laws. These are dues-paying members who are automatically considered IAFF Alumni and who continue to receive the IAFF magazine. Active-retirees also generally enjoy rights at the local level that inactive-retirees do not – so maintaining your active-retiree status is very important.

Active-retired membership varies by local – please contact your local president for more information.