There’s a better life and career for you in the IAFF, one of North America’s largest and most influential unions. Stand united with fellow fire fighters, rescue workers, and emergency medical workers and be part of something with a larger purpose. We’re ready to get to work supporting you, your health, safety and well-being, and your financial future.

Who can join?

Individuals cannot join the IAFF. To become an active member of the IAFF, an individual must join a chartered local union affiliated with the IAFF.

Any person who at the time of applying is engaged in service within the jurisdiction of the association, including all full-time, paid employees engaged in firefighting, emergency medical or rescue service activities, will be eligible for active membership in the association through its chartered locals, state or provincial associations and joint councils.

Once you contact us, we will direct your request to a representative in your district who will get you the information you need right away. For more information, email [email protected].

Is there a cost to join?

Local unions organized as local affiliates of the IAFF shall pay a fee for their charter, books, and seal. Additionally, a $10 initiation fee must be paid for each member. Finally, a per capita tax must be paid by an organized local to the International each month for each member. For more information, email [email protected].

Can a group of individuals create a local union of the IAFF?

Three or more persons in the same jurisdiction (usually a city, town, or county) who are qualified for active membership in the IAFF as discussed above may submit a proposal to charter a local union. Charters will not be granted to applicants in any jurisdiction where a chartered local union in good standing of the IAFF already exists, unless that chartered local consents to the granting of an additional charter. For more information, email [email protected].