Conducting a FIRE OPS 101 event exposes participants to the smoke, the adrenaline rush, and the physical stress and strain fire fighters and emergency medical personnel face while protecting communities across the United States and Canada. This toolkit will provide you with the necessary resources to plan and implement a successful FIRE OPS event for your local, giving elected and appointed officials, decision-makers and the media a hands-on opportunity to better understand the complexities of what your members do every day.

This toolkit takes you through the entire FIRE OPS 101 event, from start to finish. Under the Planning resource, you’ll learn how to get started, plan a budget, staff the event and more.

Scenarios are the main component of your program. See sample scenarios, skill stations and tips from the field.

View real FIRE OPS 101 events and see how IAFF affiliates across the U.S. and Canada are using it to expose decision-makers to the complex issues of staffing, adequate equipment and presumptive health.

And finally, get all the information you need from sample agendas, waiver and release forms, talking points and more under Downloads.

Watch the FIRE OPS 101 Train-the-Trainer promo video.

Get the fillable FIRE OPS 101 Helmet Ordering Form.

For more information on FIRE OPS 101, please email [email protected] or call (202) 824-1533.