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Presumptive Disability Law in Saskatchewan
Statutes of Saskatchewan
W-17.1 - Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979

Saskatchewan Legislative Website
Presumption of certain occupational diseases re fire fighters
In this section and in section 181:
  1. "fire department" means a fire department as defined in The Fire Prevention Act, 1992;
  2. "listed disease" means:
    1. a primary site brain cancer;
    2. a primary site bladder cancer;
    3. a primary site kidney cancer;
    4. a primary non-Hodgkins lymphoma;
    5. a primary leukemia;
    6. a primary site ureter cancer;
    7. a primary site colorectal cancer;
    8. a primary site lung cancer;
    9. a primary site testicular cancer; or
    10. an injury to the heart that manifests within 24 hours after attendance at an emergency response.
  3. Subject to subsection (3), if a worker who is or has been a fire fighter suffers a listed disease, that disease is presumed to be an occupational disease, the dominant cause of which is the employment as a fire fighter, unless the contrary is shown.
  4. The presumption mentioned in subsection (2) applies:
    1. only to a worker who:
      1. has been a full-time member of a fire department for the minimum period of employment prescribed in the regulations; and
      2. has been regularly exposed to the hazards of a fire scene, other than a forest fire scene, throughout the period mentioned in subclause (i); and (b) in the case of primary site lung cancer, only to a worker who has been a non-smoker before the date of injury for the minimum period prescribed in the regulations.
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