Presumptive Disability Law in Nunavut


Nunavut Legislative Website


  1. In this section, “firefighter” means a worker who
    1. is engaged in fighting fires as a full-time, part-time or volunteer member of a fire department, and
    2. does not exclusively fight forest fires; (pompier)”listed disease” means any of the following diseases:
      1. cardiac arrest within 24 hours after attendance at an emergency response,
      2. multiple myeloma,
      3. primary leukemia,
      4. primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
      5. primary site brain cancer,
      6. primary site colo-rectal cancer,
      7. primary site lung cancer,
      8. primary site prostate cancer,
      9. primary site skin cancer,
      10. primary site testicular cancer.
      11. primary site bladder cancer
      12. primary site breast cancer
      13. primary site esophageal cancer
      14. primary site kidney cancer
      15. primary site ureter cancer (maladie inscrite)
  2. Presumption for firefighters: Despite section 14 and subject to subsection (3), a listed disease is presumed
    to have arisen out of a worker’s employment and to have occurred during the course of
    that employment if

    1. the worker is disabled by the listed disease; and
    2. the worker is or has been a firefighter for the minimum period prescribed in the regulations.
  3. Smokers: Where the listed disease is primary site lung cancer, the presumption referred
    to in subsection (2) does not apply unless the worker has been a non-smoker before the
    date of the disability for the minimum period prescribed in the regulations.
    S.Nu 2010,c.20,s.3.