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  1. In this section, “firefighter” means a worker who
    1. is engaged in fighting fires as a full-time, part-time or volunteer member of a fire department, and
    2. does not exclusively fight forest fires; (pompier)”listed disease” means any of the following diseases:
      1. cardiac arrest within 24 hours after attendance at an emergency response,
      2. multiple myeloma,
      3. primary leukemia,
      4. primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
      5. primary site brain cancer,
      6. primary site colo-rectal cancer,
      7. primary site lung cancer,
      8. primary site prostate cancer,
      9. primary site skin cancer,
      10. primary site testicular cancer. (maladie inscrite)
  2. Presumption for firefighters: Despite section 14 and subject to subsection (3), a listed disease is presumed
    to have arisen out of a worker’s employment and to have occurred during the course of
    that employment if

    1. the worker is disabled by the listed disease; and
    2. the worker is or has been a firefighter for the minimum period prescribed in the regulations.
  3. Smokers: Where the listed disease is primary site lung cancer, the presumption referred
    to in subsection (2) does not apply unless the worker has been a non-smoker before the
    date of the disability for the minimum period prescribed in the regulations.
    S.Nu 2010,c.20,s.3.