IAFF LocalPort Moody Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 2399
DepartmentPort Moody Fire Department
Members48 career (combination department)
Contact InformationRod deBoer
[email protected]


In 2006, members of the Port Moody Fire Rescue (PMFR) and Port Moody Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 2399, acquired the necessary education to begin implementation of the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative. The goal is to improve the wellness and fitness of their members, as well as contributing to the overall effort to improve the fire service as a whole. It is the goal of the PMFR to promote fire fighter health and fitness through fitness assessments, counseling and exercise. The program helps ensure job preparedness through participation in a validated assessment of physical job functions and promotes medical health through tracking of voluntary compliance to suggested medical examination schedules. The program was up and running in 2009.


FacilityNo department facility
PhysicianGeneral Physician with special interest in fire fighting
Family Physician
Additional StaffN/A
Exam FrequencyAnnual
Exam DetailsPhysician follows WFI medical exam as close as possible.  Medical Service Plan (MSP) will cover certain parts of the medical exam if doctors have a reason to test.  Currently, working with the City to provide a budget to cover parts of the medical exam for which the doctor feels members should be tested.


DutiesBasic exercise counseling
Fitness assessments
Facilitate wellness/fitness education
Exercise Time

1.5 hours per shift

Exercise ProgramPersonal aerobic and circuit training
TWIST Sports Conditioning Series
EquipmentBoth stations are equipped with aerobic equipment (treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike)
Nautilus machine, dumbbells (10lb – 70lb), Bosu board, balance board, stability balls and medicine balls
NutritionEducation by PFT’s on their respective shifts


MethodAn employee out of work for more than four days (block) due to injury or illness must receive a medical clearance from their attending physician with no indicated or implied physical restrictions.
Modified/Light DutyYes – Coordinated by Operations Chief
Injury Prevention CommitteeHealth and Safety Committee

Behavioral Health

MethodEAP Program
Fire Department Padre available 24 hrs/365 days
EAPEAP Program managed by Interlock
Stress ManagementCISM handled by Fire Department Padre

Cost Justification

There are currently no links or files available for dissemination. For more information, see the contact listed above.

Data Collection

MethodCollect annual performance assessment, fitness assessment, and functional movement screening
Medical information is kept confidential by Physician


In 2006 Port Moody Fire Fighters, Local 2399, began implementing the WFI. Most components have been implemented. Local 2399 is working towards including the program in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, as well as acquiring additional funding to cover the costs of additional tests in the medical physical exam. The additional funds would also be used to access private consultants to provide MRIs, orthopedists and neurosurgeons for case by case issues to get fire fighters back to work sooner when injured off the job. Trying to make the WFI stay current and evolve is a constant challenge to provide the best service for the benefit of the members participating. In the fall of 2009, PMFR hosted the first IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Training Certification course in British Columbia, with the help from instructors from Calgary Fire Department and FDNY. The goal of the course was to help other IAFF locals implement their own programs.