With hurricane season here, the IAFF has prepared a public safety toolkit to help educate members of your community about how to stay safe in the event of a hurricane.

While hurricanes don’t threaten every community, this public safety campaign can also be used to help educate your community about how to be ready for any natural disaster. This public safety toolkit on hurricane safety offers opportunities to generate positive publicity in your community and for your members.

Press Release
​Similar to other toolkits,
 resources include a press release that is already written for your local and ready to email to local media outlets (just add your local number and a spokesperson). Your efforts will be a strong reminder to your community of the value of your service, as well as help get recognition that can generate support later when you really need it. Once you customize and send the release to the media, be sure to contact reporters to let them know you are available for interviews.

Suggested Facebook Posts or Tweets – Please Use #IAFFSafetyTips

  • Hurricane season is here. Know how to protect yourself in case of a storm. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Your fire fighters urge you to prepare for a hurricane by stocking supplies. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • The greatest potential for loss of life in a hurricane is from the storm surge. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Preparing for a hurricane can greatly help in preventing a tragedy during and after the storm. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Most hurricane warnings are issued within 36 hours of the disaster, giving you time to prepare. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • During hurricane season, prepare a safety kit with flashlights, batteries, food, water and important documents. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Consider purchasing a generator in case of a power outage in a hurricane. #IAFFSafetyTips
  • If you are evacuated from your home during a hurricane, do NOT return until officials say it is safe to do so. #IAFFSafetyTips

The infographics below can also be used for to accompany posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media (just right click and “save as” if you are on a desktop; press and hold to save on your phone). The image can be used as one large infographic or separate smaller infographics as listed below: