Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month

In partnership with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), the IAFF has designated January as Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month to provide fire fighters the necessary tools and guidance to develop life-saving protocols for cancer prevention and to support those with a cancer diagnosis within their departments.

Fire fighter occupational cancer is the leading cause of line-of-duty death in the fire service.

In 2023, 72% of IAFF member line-of-duty deaths were due to occupational cancer. In Canada, where most provinces and territories have robust presumptive laws, close to 94% of line-of-duty deaths among professional fire fighters are the result of occupational cancers.

Canada recognized Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month in 2023 with the adoption of MP Sherry Romanado’s Bill C-224.

Bringing increased public awareness of occupational cancer in the fire service is the goal of Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month. Together, we can generate greater legislative support for states and provinces to establish presumptive disabilities for all cancers affecting fire fighters.

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Each week explores designated themes aimed at reducing cancer risk during fireground activities, at the fire station, and in our personal lives. We encourage you to review the available resources and consider holding weekly safety stand downs to discuss them.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4




This webpage is designed to educate IAFF leaders, members, and fire departments on the science behind fire fighter cancer rates and cancer development and to provide best practices on minimizing daily exposures to carcinogens, mitigating risk factors, and fortifying defenses against occupational cancer. It offers valuable insights from brother and sister cancer survivors, sharing their experiences and perspectives.

It’s vital to make concerted efforts to minimize exposure to carcinogens and adopt healthier lifestyles, as these actions significantly reduce the risk of occupational cancer. While Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month is observed in January, the resources can be utilized year-round.

Get Involved

If you or your local would like to be featured during IAFF/FCSN Cancer Awareness Months, let us know how you would like to participate (options below), and we will work with you to get appropriate approvals and items we need specifically:

  • Survivor Stories: In remission or in treatment for a cancer diagnosis.
  • Support Stories: If you had a family member or someone from your local pass away from occupational cancer.
  • Videos that spotlight the five areas highlighted in Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month: scope of cancer, research, prevention, leadership and survivorship, and culture change.
  • Images of locals/departments getting involved in Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month.