In a year where the labor movement has been under heavy political assault, President Barack Obama said the principle of collective bargaining must be protected.

The president made his comment during his first ever Twitter Town Hall Wednesday afternoon.

The Twitter community was able to ask the president questions on the issues that are important to them. Those questions ranged from the economy, jobs and reducing the deficit.

Patrick Glynn, who describes himself as a professional student in his Twitter bio, asked the president if he had a plan to stop people from losing their collective bargaining rights in states.

President Obama tweeted, “Collective bargaining is responsible for so many benefits/protections we take for granted on the job…. all of us will have to make adjustments for the 21st Century, but the principle of collective bargaining must be protected.”

Read the Washington Post’s Federal Diary for the president’s full comments.

The president has remained mostly silent on the issue of collective bargaining as mass protests erupted in Wisconsin and Ohio after lawmakers passed draconian laws.

The IAFF is still standing by its decision to freeze its FIREPAC contribution to federal candidates and federal parties, party committees and the super PACs that are created to support them.

The IAFF supports those who support fire fighters and paramedics and has decided to focus on helping states that are battling legislative threats.

What do you think of President Obama’s remarks on collective bargaining?