As fire fighters battle politicians to protect their retirement plans and benefits, rich billionaires keep getting financial breaks.

The Center for Media and Democracy reports the charitable wing of billionaire David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity has spent nearly $900,000 on political ads for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s re-election campaign. It is not known if Koch himself or if a group of his wealthy donor friends made contributions for the ads, however, we do know whoever made the contribution can write it off as a charitable expense.

The ad entitled, “It’s Working” is running in Wisconsin and uses the same message that was used during Walker’s recall election in 2012. The ad praises collective bargaining restrictions as “the right- thing to do.”

We’ve said time and again Walker is a political pawn for the ultra-rich and powerful. He pits the average Wisconsin worker against government. Walker has not made life better for the citizens of Wisconsin, but has divided the state with his negative brand of politics.

As for the Koch Brothers, they are doing what they know best and that’s to look after their business interests first while trying to erode democracy with their mega bucks.

Don’t let a hand full of billionaires set the political agenda for our democracy to serve their interests. For the Koch Brothers, having money means wielding their power around leaving workers broke and voiceless.

Fire fighters and public workers deserve much more.