This public safety toolkit can help educate members of your community about the dangers of fireworks and offers tips for ensuring a safe holiday.

Share the infographics and videos, along with a strong message (tag your friends in the media in any tweets to maximize your reach), on social media.

Send the op-eds and infographics to your local media as soon as possible. Be sure to follow-up with reporters and assignment editors to let them know you are available to discuss these important tips for ensuring a safe holiday.

Media outlets are always in need of neutral, ready-to-use content for national holidays. Providing a steady stream of quality content will help establish a solid, positive relationship with the public and local media to ensure they continue to look to their fire fighters for safety advice all year long.

Contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about using IAFF toolkits.

Infographics for Social Media

Use these infographics (sample posts below) on social media, email or post on your local’s website. To download, right click and save (if you are on your phone, hold down and save to your photo library).

Sample Posts for Social Media

  • The best way to enjoy fireworks and prevent injury is to watch a professional show. #IAFF #IAFF​SafetyTips
  • Many firework-related injuries are preventable. #IAFF #IAFF​SafetyTips
  • Fireworks injure more than 10,000 people each year. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Safety matters around every type of firework. Even sparklers can reach 1,200 degrees #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips​
  • Watch your children around fireworks! The risk of fireworks injuries for children under 15 is twice as high than the general population. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips​
  • There are two times as many fires reported on Independence Day than on any other day. 50% of those are from fireworks. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Fire fighters are overloaded with calls on Independence Day. Give them a break and watch a professional show this year. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips
  • Don’t forget about your furry friends when things get loud. Find a safe place for them. Use a noise machine or the TV to help keep them calm. #IAFF #IAFFSafetyTips

Op-Ed for Local Media

Your local newspaper is a great resource to help brand your local as the community public safety advocate. These op-eds are designed for you to send to your newspaper’s editorial team to be included in their opinion section to highlight the importance of public safety, with your local president as the author. An op-ed is an especially useful tool for smaller papers, including neighborhood weekly services. Follow up to let them know you are available to answer any questions.

Fireworks Op-Ed – U.S. (COVID Message)

Fireworks Op-Ed – Canada (COVID Message)

What is an op-ed? An op-ed stands for “opposite editorial” and is an opinionated article submitted to a newspaper for publication. They are written by members of the community and not journalists or reporters.