All Maryland Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants are now carrying a beer crafted by Hagerstown, MD Local 1605 members. Even better, a portion of sales benefit the Local 1605 Foundation, a nonprofit that donates to various charities.

Local 1605 is already host to a very popular fundraiser – the Bonanza Extravaganza. But Hagerstown Local 1605 members are always looking to do more, and decided to enlist the help of Antietam Brewery to craft an original beer with a portion of the proceeds benefiting their Foundation.

The microbrew is called 1605 Irish Style Red Ale. “We did red because that is the color of our fire engines,” says Rick Conrad, Bonanza Extravaganza organizer and Local 1605 member. “We also wanted it to be an ale because 73 percent of all beer drinkers like ales, so we knew it would be something that most people would like.”

In addition to making the beer, Antietam Brewery also agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds for every keg sold to the 1605 Foundation.

“To really make a difference, we know we are going to have to sell a lot of our beer,” says Conrad.

While meeting with the Buffalo Wild Wings Maryland franchise owner about participating in the Bonanza Extravaganza, Conrad had also discussed having the beer on tap at the restaurant. Now, the 1605 Irish Style Red Ale is sold at all Maryland Buffalo Wild Wings.