By: Carly Lanning, IAFF Communications and Media Department

Fire fighters have lived under some bad governors in the last year or two, but who is the worst?

This year has been a tough one for fire fighters as many of our brothers and sisters across the United States have felt the pressures of the weak economy and betrayed by their chief executives.

Conservative, anti-labor governors have aggressively slashed away at fire fighter’s pensions, health benefits and rights.

There is no excusing these unfair attacks but the new campaign “Worst Governor Ever,” offers the rank and file a chance to be heard.

Now we ask you, who is the worst governor ever? Is it Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who has taken away collective bargaining from workers? Or is it Ohio Governor John Kasich who rammed SB5 down the throats of the electorate to take away the voice of fire fighters when it came to their safety on the front line. Or is it New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who went after public employee pensions?

This month, sponsored by Transport Worker’s Union(TWU), founded under the AFL-CIO, are taking a national vote for the “Worst Governor Ever.” The “Worst Governor Ever” is part of “Worker’s Rights are Human Rights” campaign.

Their comedic, yet painfully accurate, video submitted to their website is to bring attention to the extreme actions that governors from across the United States have taken against their own citizens.

By visiting the website, voters watch the video as four of the worst governors battle with one to be the champion above the others. Each governor takes one step above the others as they threaten collective bargaining rights of firefighters and police and try to repeal anti-child labor laws.

With each governor topping the next to will amaze voters that this country has not imploded as these officials continue to attack the core of American democracy.

To vote, read through the list of the 9 worst governors and their offenses, or add your own governor if not listed, sign your name and make this little difference.

After voting, there is the voluntary option of sending a prewritten email that will be sent directly to your chosen governor. The governor with the most votes will be publically awarded for their dedication to the destruction of the working middle class.

Watch the video and cast your vote. Making your voice and opinion heard has never been more convenient and entertaining.  Good luck governors and may the worst one of you win.