The political choices in the 2012 presidential election are clear. Compare the two candidates and the statements they’ve made this week about the election.

President Obama tells Rolling Stone Magazine, “I think the general election will be as sharp a contrast between the two parties as we’ve seen in a generation. We have a Republican Party, and a presumptive Republican nominee who believes in drastically rolling back environmental regulations, radically rolling back collective-bargaining rights, an approach to deficit reduction that further cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans and spending cuts that are entirely borne by education.

All of this will be presumably written into the nominee’s platform and reflected in the convention. Can we expect the Republican nominee suddenly to say, “Everything I’ve said for the last six months, I didn’t mean.” When you’re running for president, people are paying attention to what you’re saying.”

In the words of Romney on the night of his recent East Coast primary win, “We will stop the unfairness of requiring union workers to contribute to politicians not of their choosing.” (watch video at the 9:10 mark)

The IAFF supports those who support us. Romney does not. He embraces politicians including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and their divisive policies. See this video where he calls Walker a hero.

This November, there is a lot at stake, from the White House to the state house. The IAFF is beginning the process of educating members on the candidates based on their support and on their records on the issues important to their jobs, rights and livelihoods.