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Wellness & Fitness Initiative

The Wellness- Fitness Initiative (WFI) was developed by the “Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative Task Force” in 1996. The goal of the program is to prevent injuries, promote wellness and protect the health and safety of the men and women of the fire service. Characterizing and quantifying the types of medical conditions which are occurring in members of the fire service is an important step to achieving the goals of the WFI. To accomplish this, the IAFF is initiating the data collection phase of the WFI. The health information that members provide by completing the short questionnaire, (accessible through the link below), will be used by the IAFF and scientific collaborates to identify diseases that fire fighters are at risk for developing. The results of such efforts will be used to improve the health and safety of fire fighters.

Cancer is a disease that is of particular concern for members of the fire service. A number of previous studies have identified several cancers for which fire fighters are at increased risk. To help further characterize this increased risk, the IAFF in response to members’ requests have developed a Cancer Registry. IAFF members or a family member can use this web site to report a cancer diagnosis. In addition to reporting the cancer, members are being asked first to complete the WFI questions which will provide necessary information for the Cancer Registry as well as for the WFI efforts.

The IAFF wants to thank the members for their participation in this important program. All the information provided will be kept confidential and secure. Names and other identifying information will not be used for data analysis or reports released by the IAFF or its scientific collaborators.

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