IAFF LocalLos Angeles County Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1014
DepartmentLos Angeles County Fire Department
Members3,000 All Career
Kevin Klar
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Bob Karwasky
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In 1998, the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) joined the nine other Task Force fire departments to form the IAFF/IAFC Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI). The LACFD funded its Fitness for Life wellness program through a budget increase approved by the County Board of Supervisors. The LACFD has had three Fitness for Life wellness coordinators in approximately 10 years. Each coordinator has contributed a portion to the overall success of the program.

The program initially started with mandatory physical fitness. The LACFD invested in the station equipment and reinstituted annual medicals. Later, it began a cardio program.


FacilityContracted – 5 medical clinics
Additional StaffFull time Wellness Coordinator
Exam FrequencyAnnual
Exam DetailsAll components of the WFI
Full max stress test
3% incentive pay for participation
Cardiac CT and Angio-program

ACSM Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factor Thresholds

Cardiac Study
PFT Medical Exam Quality Assurance Checklist


DutiesFitness Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions
Body composition evaluation and weight management counseling
Recruit Fitness Training
Injury prevention program
Exercise TimeOn-duty mandatory 1.5 hours dedicated time
Exercise ProgramRecruit fitness program – daily exercises led by PFT’s
Post recruit mentor program
EquipmentIn every station – weight bench w/dumbbells; recumbent bike and treadmill; stability ball
NutritionMeal Plans

16 Week Fire Suppression Aid Fitness Program

Cardiovascular Fitness Worksheet
Fitness Evaluation Flow Chart
Fitness Orientation Letter
PFT Referral Form
Pre Academy Fitness Orientation
Program Design Instructions
Recruit Pre-Academy Briefing
Self Assessment Protocols
Station Equipment Nautilus Invoice


MethodContracted for worker’s comp; minor injury prevention program through PFTs
Modified/Light DutyYes
Injury Prevention Committee

No committee

Limited Duty Assignment Program

Behavioral Health

MethodFire Fighter on own
Stress ManagementYes

Cost Justification

Fitness for Life Program Success
Why Wellness Document

Data Collection

MethodCurrently use Excel and working on getting a grant to implement a new MIS system
Data CollectedMedical Fitness Stats
Worker’s Comp

Fit for Life Contractors
PFT Contact Plan


Clinic Evaluation