IAFF LocalIndianapolis Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 416
DepartmentIndianapolis Fire Department
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In 1978, members of Indianapolis Local 416 attended a Wellness-Fitness Symposium in San Francisco, returning to recommend the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD)start a fitness program. In 1979, the IFD appointed its first fitness coordinator and began investigating what other fire departments were doing. That same year, the IFD began conducting fitness assessments on all sworn personnel. This included body composition, aerobic capacity, grip strength and flexibility. In 1980, the IFD began a pilot program, two times per week, for recruit training. The IFD contracted with the YMCA to conduct the fitness testing for new hires, but was also under the supervision of the IFD fitness coordinator. In 1981-1982, the IFD developed and implemented a department agility test, which eventually became its hiring agility test.

In 1989-1990, the IFD began contracting to what is now Public Safety Medical Services (PSMS) for all wellness-fitness. In 1996, it began working with the IAFF and IAFC in the development of the Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI). In 1998, the IFD fully implemented the WFI and began using the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).

In 2003, the IFD implemented the newly introduced IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) program, certifying six individuals. The IFD currently has 21 certified PFTs.

In 2004, the IFD revised its agility test by creating and validating what is currently the Work Performance Evaluation (WPE). This test is currently undergoing a revamping and revalidation.


FacilityContracted – Public Safety Medical Services
PhysicianContracted – Dr. Moffatt
Additional Staff
Exam FrequencyAnnual
Exam DetailsDownload document


DutiesRecruit FitnessCPAT Mentoring/ProctorIncumbent Work Performance Evaluations
Incumbent fitness programming
Exercise TimeSOG being updated
Exercise ProgramCrossfit preparation program/Crossfit on-ramp
EquipmentCardiovascular/Strength training/Functional training equipment
NutritionContracted – Public Safety Medical Services Dietician

Exercise Prescription Flowchart
Fitness Standards
Wellness Fitness Flow Chart
Work Performance Order


MethodContracted – Public Safety Medical Services
Modified/Light DutyYes, as needed

Behavioral Health

EAPContracted – White River Psychology
Stress ManagementCISD Team

Cost Justification

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Data Collection

MethodContracted – Public Safety
Medical Services
Medical Information System
Data CollectedMedical/Fitness data collection since 2000


Fire Act Grant Application


Case Management Flow Chart