The IAFF has partnered with Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program to promote an annual public safety campaign – National Home Fire Drill Day – to help raise awareness and encourage families to be more prepared when it comes to fire safety.

With the help of expert partners, Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program has developed a series of interactive fire drill games available at that parents can play with their children – from racing the clock, to practicing in the dark or to crawling out of the house as quickly as possible – making this potentially life-saving activity fun, effective and easy.

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Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Does Home Fire Drills
When Dale Earnhardt Jr. was a young child, his home caught fire. Luckily he and his sister Kelley escaped unharmed. After this experience and as a new parent, Dale wants to help parents be proactive about home fire safety and child injury prevention and has partnered with Nationwide to get this message out.

The videos below can be shared on social media to promote home fire drills. The first explains his story and shows how to conduct a home fire drill, the second promotes “Home Fire Drill Day 120” – urging families to practice getting out of the house in under 120 seconds.

For more information on Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen initiative to prevent childhood injuries, download the Make Safe Happen app to make your home safer with room-to-room safety checklists and links to recommended products. You can also create to-do lists, set reminders and track your progress.