This hurricane season has left a lasting impact on IAFF members and citizens in the storm zones in Texas and Florida. To help offset the financial burden of recovering after the storms, White Plains, NY Local 274 has raised $11,500 to benefit the IAFF Disaster Relief Fund and the American Red Cross.

“We learned how difficult hurricane recovery can be first hand after Super Storm Sandy came through New York and New Jersey in 2012,” says Local 274 Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Tom Junior. “After devastating hurricanes hit areas where so many of our IAFF brother and sisters live, we wanted to do our part to assist.”

Tens of thousands of members were impacted by the storms, and the IAFF provided assistance in the form of financial relief, food, water and other supplies, vaccinations and medical care, behavioral health counseling and emergency home repairs.

The IAFF relies on contributions to our Disaster Relief Fund to ensure that members who are displaced from their homes – whether from a hurricane or other natural or man-made disaster – receive assistance in their greatest time of need.