Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 94 fire fighter Billy Moon. 

For Kristina Moon, wife of the late Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) Local 94 fire fighter William “Billy” Moon, every moment of life is now cherished as a gift. 

“Billy was an organ donor and when he was alive, we had hard conversations and he told me what his wishes were,” said Kristina. “When he got hurt and he was in the hospital, one of the things I was able to do was to tell the hospital that he was an organ donor.” 

Billy, a committed member of the FDNY for 21 years, is remembered for his vibrant personality and commitment to community service. Billy died in the line of duty a year ago, but his passing brought a new sense of family to five individuals, now regarded as extended family members by his wife. 



Following his passing, Billy donated his liver, heart, lungs, and both kidneys, benefiting five recipients, including two retired members of the FDNY. During our interview, three of the recipients met virtually for the first time – all of them were perfect matches for Billy’s organs. 

“Pat and Terry were both 9/11 first responders, and [were] in the hospital when Billy died,” Kristina recalled. “They were able to receive Billy’s organs in that capacity because it’s considered a direct donation and it’s great because those organs may not have been used if it wasn’t for the fact that it was brought to our attention that they were in need.” 

Patrick Reynolds, a retired FDNY captain and New York Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) Local 854 Executive Board member, received Billy’s liver.  

“What Kristina and her children and our family went through is extraordinarily really difficult, and I’m always cognizant of that,” he said. “When I got the call that I was going to be receiving a liver, I was a little bit taken back because I was already assuming I was going to be a beneficiary of a living donor. My life changed 180 degrees.” 

Kristina Moon and retired FDNY/Local 854 Lt. Terry Jordan at the Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk in September. The event pays homage to the FDNY fire fighters, paramedics, law enforcement, and civilians who lost their lives on 9/11.

Retired FDNY Lieutenant Terrence “Terry” Jordan had recently qualified for the donor list and was hospitalized at the time of Billy’s death.  

“I had a pulmonary disease since 9/11 and it was getting progressively worse, and I was on oxygen 24/7,” said Jordan. “I heard about Billy’s situation in my hospital bed, and I never put two and two together. Then they took me in for surgery, I had a double lung transplant, and it’s like I’ve been reborn,” he said. “Billy and Kristina saved my life, and I can breathe again without the aid of oxygen.” 

‘I didn’t know I would be in this position a year ago,” said heart organ transplant recipient, Richard Grehl. “I had my third heart attack, and it wasn’t looking good.”  

Grehl said prior to receiving a new heart, he was told he wasn’t going to survive. 

“I’m pragmatic in many things, and I accepted that it was my fate. They put me on the list, and within 10 days, I had a heart—it was Billy’s heart,” he said. “Billy was in the press, Kristina, with all the news coverage and everything, so everybody in the family was like, he is a tall guy, and that was one of the criteria. I’m 6’3, and Billy was 6’4, and when Billy’s heart was transplanted into me, it was beating like a racehorse. A 47-year-old heart went into a 62-year-old body, and it was a beautiful thing. I felt like I had reinvigorated my entire life, and to Billy’s family, ‘We love you.’”  


Brianne and Colin Moon hold a photo of their late dad.


Kristina Moon founded the William “Billy” Moon Foundation in January 2023. The nonprofit organization supports organ donation awareness, helping fire fighter and first responder communities.  

The organization’s mission is all about spreading the word on why organ donation matters across the country.  

“We also have an idea to support and communicate through a mentor program, so we are at this launch phase to get everything up and running,” said Kristina . “We’re hoping to provide support to donor and recipient families with transportation, meals, lodging depending on what people need and help our communities at the same time.” 

Kristina attended the IAFF’s John P. Redmond Health & Safety Symposium / Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference in August, promoting organ donation to members. 

“Kristina knows Billy’s story can save lives,” said General President Edward Kelly. “Her work advocating for organ donation through the Billy Moon Foundation ensures that our brother Billy continues to save lives well into the future – even in death.”

Andrew Ansbro, UFA Local 94 president, agreed.

“We are in awe of the work that she is doing,” he said. “By turning her family’s sacrifice into a mission to help others, Kristina has become a hero, just like Billy.”

Kristina hopes the foundation serves as Billy’s legacy for his family, including his two young children, and how he chose to save lives in his death. 

“There could be three other families, you know, going through such horrible times,” said Kristina. “He embedded those traits in our kids, and we know the importance of what it meant to be there for other people, we knew what it was like not to have somebody at home for a holiday or to get up in the middle of a birthday celebration to go help someone else. So, it was just in him to always do the right thing, and he would call being an organ donor a no-brainer and common sense because he just knew what it meant to be there for other people.”

“I hope that by continuing to share our story, speaking to others, it will help people understand how organ donation can shine a light during a dark time,” she added.

Kristina is sharing her family’s story in hopes it will help others. If you are interested in hearing more, contact the William “Billy” Moon Foundation here.