The U.S. House of Representatives has taken the first steps to consider the IAFF’s top legislative priority – establishing national collective bargaining rights for all fire fighters.

The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, HR 1154, is expected to move in the House this fall, but to ensure a strong vote we must continue to build support for the bill.

We need you to contact your U.S. representative to cosponsor HR 1154.

Most members of Congress have returned to their home districts for the traditional August recess. Representatives will spend the next five weeks traveling throughout their districts, attending events and speaking with constituents. This provides a valuable opportunity for you to speak directly to your elected officials and secure their support for HR 1154.

How You Can Help

Click here to find out if your member is a cosponsor. If not, then use the next month to:

  • Meet with your member of Congress in his/her home district during the August recess to request he/she cosponsors HR 1154
  • Attend a town hall or community event during the August recess to share your message
  • Host a station visit for your representative to demonstrate the importance of collective bargaining on your ability to serve your community
  • Engage your representative on social media – post a message requesting he/she cosponsors HR 1154 and share local examples of how the bill will impact you and your members

Use this valuable time to educate your elected officials on how collective bargaining has made your job safer and more effective or how its absence hurts your ability to serve the community.

To help in your efforts, please reference these supportive materials:

For additional assistance, contact the IAFF Governmental Affairs Department at (202) 824-1581.