Retired Bridgeport Fire Fighter Celebrates 104th Birthday

March 4 • 2015
At age 104, retired Bridgeport, CT Local 834 member Benjamin Murphy could be the oldest retired fire fighter in the country.

Murphy joined the Bridgeport Fire Department 1939 and served for 25 years. Retired from Engine 12, current crew members from that same engine company came out to celebrate the big day.

“He became one of the first members of our local when it was chartered in 1945,” says Local 834 Secretary-Treasurer Tom Herlihy. “It was an incredible experience for our members to meet someone who was there from the beginning and knows how far we have come.”

Engine 12 fire fighters say Murphy is still sharp as a tack. While they were celebrating his birthday, Murphy talked about how it was not uncommon to work 80 hours per week for a paycheck of just $35.