Pennsylvania fire fighter inspires young girls with new children’s book 

Chester, PA Local 1400 Secretary Donyé Price writes ‘Girls Can Be Firefighters Too!’ — a story of passion, courage, and shattering gender norms in the fire service.

March 22 • 2024

In the heart of the city, Chester, PA Local 1400 Secretary Donyé Price stands out as a symbol of empowerment and change. As the city’s first Black female fire fighter, Price has shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations.  

“Chester is my hometown, and my kids were all educated here,” she said. 

Price’s journey began nine years ago when she joined the fire service, determined to serve her community. She was a trailblazer alongside three other pioneering women in her graduating class. Together, they made history, transforming the face of the fire department and opening doors for women in Chester.  

With the recent launch of her new book, “Girls Can Be Firefighters Too!,” Price is continuing to break barriers. As a mom of three, she wanted to light a fire of inspiration in her own children. 

“I never planned to be an author, but seeing my son, who was nonverbal until age four, learn to read sparked the idea,” she said. “I wanted to create a book we could enjoy together and motivate his reading journey.” 

Inspired by her own experiences and interactions with children within her community, Price’s journey as an author began with a desire to address misconceptions and instill confidence in young minds.

The little boys would say, ‘You’re a fake fire fighter, girls can’t be fire fighters.’ I was fighting to write a book to speak to those kids and even adults and let them know that girls can, in fact, be fire fighters. 

Donyé Price, Chester, PA Local 1400 Secretary

Reflecting on a recent book signing, Local 1400 President Edward Reilly, Jr. shared a heartwarming moment with his daughter, who immediately engaged with the book by reading it aloud. “Donyé’s book should inspire all little girls to follow their dreams if they want to pursue a career in firefighting. I encourage everyone to purchase the book and read it to their children.” 

Price’s impact goes beyond the pages of her book. In 2023, a mural dedicated to Price debuted in Chester Park, celebrating her pioneering role and dedication to community service. 

Her story now serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring firefighters, particularly young girls who may feel limited by traditional gender roles. 

“I want young girls, especially, to envision themselves in any role they admire, regardless of gender stereotypes,” she said. “We can break barriers, and it does not require adopting masculine traits. You can be feminine and still excel in traditionally male-dominated fields like firefighting. Your capabilities are not defined by gender.” 

The book can be ordered through Amazon or on the My SereniTeas website.