Orion Township Local 5342 Ratifies Its First Contract

January 26 • 2023

Orion Township, MI Local 5342 members ended 2022 on a high note by signing and ratifying their first contract.  

“We are very pleased with the new labor-management agreement between Local 5342 and Orion Township,” said Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union (MPFFU) President Matthew Sahr. “Both sides trusted the process and negotiated in good faith. The result was one of the best first contracts I’ve seen.” 

Orion Township is a thriving community located 39 miles north of Detroit. Fire fighters there respond to emergencies out of four fire stations throughout the township.  

Local 5342 was formed in August 2021, enabling member fire fighters to speak with one voice about critical issues like staffing.

Negotiating the first contract was one of the first orders of business. The process was amicable because of the positive relationship between Local 5342 and the township administration, but it did take some time to iron out various legal concerns and other issues. 

“We really appreciate MPFFU President Sahr for guiding us through this process and always being available when we needed advice,” said Local 5342 President Chris Hagan. “We also want to thank Township Supervisor Chris Barnett and his support for the creation of a solid contract that will help improve recruitment and retention.”  

The three-year contract signed in December 2022 includes a 3 percent raise each year and several incentives, including time off for union activities, an increase in 401(K) employer contribution, and an 8 percent increase in hourly wages for fire fighters who carry certifications above EMT basic.