Portsmouth, OH Local 512 member Scott Artis has been playing in hard rock bands since high school. His latest band, Facing Fire, after just two years together has already hit its stride.

The band landed a record deal with Pavement Entertainment in July 2017 and will be releasing a self-titled EP on February 16.

Of his fellow bandmates Tony Phillips (guitar), Caleb Miller (guitar), Josh Quillen (bass) and Levi Ausmus (drums), Artis (vocals) says they gelled right from the start. “We knew as soon as Facing Fire began playing that we had found the right combination of musicians for this project.”

Artis, the only fire fighter in the band, says he feels fortunate to be able to do both of the things he loves – create music and help people. And he appreciates all of the support from his fellow Local 512 members.

“When the band is recording music or has a string of tour dates, my union brothers have thankfully been willing to help cover my shifts,” says Artis. “I wouldn’t be able to do this without their support.”