Omaha Local supports Kentucky Wildcats with special helmet 

The UK Wildcats were gifted a uniquely designed helmet by Local 385 during the College World Series.

June 18 • 2024

Omaha, NE Local 385 appreciates a good nickname.  

So when they heard University of Kentucky relief pitcher Cam O’Brien was called “The Fireman” for his ability to put out fires on the field, they were eager to support him. 

“We have a special spot for nicknames, and when you have a nickname like ‘Fireman,’ we have to get behind you,” said Trevor Towey, president of Local 385. 

Members of Local 385 crafted a custom fire fighter helmet for O’Brien, cementing their bond with the University of Kentucky Wildcats during their historic College World Series debut. 

Kentucky Coach Nick Mingione acknowledged the gesture during a recent press conference. “I made a plea last time I was up here, for the people of Omaha, if they were looking for a team,” Mingione said.

Towey explained the inspiration behind the gesture. 

We have a special spot for nicknames, and when you have a nickname like ‘Fireman,’ we have to get behind you.

trevor towey, local 385 president

“We had a connection [to the team] through one of our retired fire fighters,” said Towey. “So, we thought it’d be a good opportunity for us to show our support.” 

The helmet is decorated with the UK logo on the front and the IAFF logo on the side 

A UK spokesperson expressed gratitude, saying, “Kentucky baseball prides itself on being unique and a team of the people. We strive to embrace everyone. What an incredible gesture by the IAFF. We are appreciative of its efforts and thankful for what all first responders do for the American people. Go Cats!” 

As Kentucky progresses in the College World Series, they carry the support of their new friends from Omaha. 

“It’s an appropriate nickname for him because of his role on the team. It fits well, much like in our profession,” Towey said. “When the game is on the line or when you have to perform at your best, they call the fire fighters. So that’s his role. We are rooting for Cam and his team.”