Jeff Holt – a member of Newport News, VA Local I-45 – was diagnosed as a child with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a liver disease that ultimately results in the need for a transplant at some time. That time is now. Local I-45 has organized a golf tournament on November 1 to raise funds for Holt and his family, and is reaching out to local businesses and the community to continue to lend a hand.

Holt has been hospitalized several times and has had multiple surgeries to manage this life-long illness. A husband to his wife, Kay, and a father to Peyton (7) and Jake (3), he has been unable to work for a month and is now in need of a liver transplant before he can return to the job. And when a liver match is found, insurance will only cover a small percentage of the total cost of medical expenses.

“Jeff is a proud man, and I mean that as a compliment,” says Local I-45 Vice President Paul Elmore. “He cares for his family and provides well for them. He, like most fire fighters, is not a person that asks for help without expecting to return that favor in kind or with interest.”

In addition to the golf tournament, Local I-45 is planning additional fundraising events in the near future – but still not enough to meet all of Holt’s financial needs. “This looks to be a long-term struggle, and we are receptive to any ideas, no matter how big or small,” says Elmore.

For more information, contact Paul Elmore at (757) 286-4349 or [email protected].