New Mini-Series “CAL FIRE” Takes Viewers to the Frontlines of California Wildfires

December 19 • 2020

During this year’s historic fire season, the Discovery Channel embedded with CAL FIRE fire fighters to film six mini-episodes on DiscoveryGO to give viewers a first-hand look at some of California’s most destructive fires. CAL FIRE Local 2881 President Tim Edwards was interviewed and may be featured in an episode.

“We chose to work with Discovery because we know they have the resources and courage to tell that story of CAL FIRE,” says Edwards. “The challenges and the rewards are up on the screen for everyone to see.”

The new series, “CAL FIRE,” premieres January 3 at 10:00 p.m. (ET) and includes fire fighters’ experiences during the Apple Fire in Southern California, the Creek Fire in the Sierra National Forest and the El Dorado Fire near San Bernardino County. Film crews had to undergo Red Flag training and were equipped with special protective gear in order to accompany the fire fighters on the fire lines.

The 2020 fire season in California has been catastrophic, with more than 4.1 million acres burned, 9,400 homes and structures destroyed, and 33 lives lost to date. The men and women of CAL FIRE fighting on the frontlines of these fires were unable to go home to their families for weeks as they constantly put the public’s needs above their own, and the worst is likely yet to come as they are in the midst of an unpredictable Santa Ana wind season.

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