Illinois fire fighters stand in solidarity with roofers at Abraham Lincoln Hotel 

AFFI supports members of the United Union of Roofer, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers picketing during their legislative conference.

May 30 • 2024

The Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI) demonstrated a powerful act of union solidarity recently when they intervened to remove a non-union contractor from a project at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield, IL.  

This move was in response to a protest by Roofers Local 112 members, who were picketing in front of the hotel due to the employment of a non-union roofing company for ongoing renovation.  

The AFFI was holding its annual legislative conference at the adjacent convention center, where over 250 members had gathered for the multi-day event. 

Immediately upon learning of the protest, the AFFI reached out to the hotel’s manager. 

“We told management they had two options: refund our $200,000 for the event or have the non-union company leave immediately,” said Chuck Sullivan, AFFI president. “To their credit, they called the hotel’s corporate management, and within the hour, the decision was made to remove the non-union contractor.” 

“Congratulations to AFFI President Patrick Sullivan and the AFFI for supporting our brothers and sisters in other unions,” said 8th District Vice President Mark Sanders. “When the labor movement stands together, we forge a powerful alliance that amplifies our collective voice and advances our shared goals.” 

“We told management they had two options: refund our $200,000 for the event or have the non-union company leave immediately.”

Chuck sullivan, affi president

James A. Hadel, International President of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, praised AFFI members for their support saying, “We deeply appreciate the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois for standing strong with our brothers and sisters at Local 112. It is energizing to see what can be achieved when Labor stands together.” 

Hadel shared an update saying the hotel removed the non-union contractor from the project and is reportedly hiring a reputable union contractor to complete the work. He said the business manager with Roofers Local 112 is also in discussions with signatory contractors within the union.