IAFF Welcomes Lunenburg, MA Local 5369

March 24 • 2022

Lunenburg Local 5369 is the newest Massachusetts affiliate to join the IAFF.

“Our brothers and sisters with the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts and IAFF DFSRs Matt Reddy and Dave Keene have been doing a great job helping new locals organize and become a part of this great union,” says 3rd District Vice President Jay Colbert. “I am very proud to welcome Lunenburg Local 5369 to the 3rd District and look forward to assisting with their goals.”

Until recently, Lunenburg’s professional fire fighters were represented by Shirley Local 4358. But as the town’s population and the need for emergency services grew, the time was right for Lunenburg fire fighters to form their own local.

“As we work with the Town of Lunenburg to plan the growth of our department, our primary focus will be the health and safety of our membership,” says Local 5360 President Christos Lekaditis, a 16-year veteran fire fighter. “We look forward to tapping into the IAFF’s networking opportunities and resources to assist us through this process.”

Joining President Christos Lekaditis on the Local 5369 Executive Board are Vice President Kenneth Jones and Secretary-Treasurer Melissa Buchanan.