Fire lieutenant blazes new trail on the Teays Valley School Board

February 15 • 2024

Newly elected to the Teays Valley Local School District Board of Education.

This past November, we featured four IAFF members who ran for office and won. Read their interviews here and check out our social media for more behind-the-scenes looks at our members’ election efforts across the United States. 

This month, we are following up with these members to see how they prepared for their new roles and how their first few months are going.  


Heith Good, a Norwich Township Fire Department lieutenant and member of the Norwich Township, Ohio Local 1723, was sworn into office on Jan 8. With more than 26 years of experience in the fire service, Good brings both a sense of duty and commitment to his community.  

“It was exciting and surreal,” he said. “It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s an honor to serve our community in this role, understanding the importance of our community, staff, students, and parents, and being a voice for our school.”  

Back in November, Good said he was first approached about running for office two and a half years ago, ignited by his active engagement in the community through the fire service and youth sports. “My heart is to serve the community, families, students, and staff,” he said. “If I can just be a voice of reason and understanding, that’s what I want to serve the school board with.”  

Good credits his role as a peer support training instructor for the International Association of Fire Fighters with broadening his skills in effective communication, active listening, and the importance of community in both the fire service and educational settings.  

With the IAFF’s support, he was able to buy signs, flyers, and other essential materials for his campaign.  

“The IAFF has prepared me in that way of understanding that sometimes, what I think is right may not align with the needs of the whole group,” Good said. “It’s important to keep an open mind, listen to other people’s backgrounds and views, and maintain an open mindset.” 

Good speaking to students.

As he embarks on his new role, Good hopes to use his experience and passion for wellness to spark positive change in his community, encouraging other IAFF members to use their voices.  

“The brothers and sisters of the IAFF are some of the most resilient and strong people I know,” he said. “If you are considering running for office, I challenge you to step up. We understand the importance of community service, yet few act. Let us engage in constructive dialogues and drive positive change. Firefighters have the potential to make a significant impact. I challenge firefighters across the U.S. and Canada to join the cause and create change.”