Our History

On June 27, 2005, nearly 100 IAFF members rode through Nevada’s Mt. Charleston, officially launching the IAFF Motorcycle Group. The inaugural ride, which served as the first gathering of members, was held in conjunction with the IAFF EMS Conference that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Over 5,000 IAFF members have joined the Motorcycle Group since 2005. Created through a resolution at the 2004 IAFF Convention, the IAFF-MG is designed to bring together active and retired members and members of recognized affiliates from across the International union and to promote fraternalism among the IAFF’s ranks.

The IAFF Motorcycle Group is open to active and retired members who own and ride motorcycles – preferably those made with union labor employed by a U.S. or Canadian owned and operated company. The IAFF-MG does permit “dual” membership with other motorcycle clubs and/or groups as long as they are not 1% clubs.

The IAFF-MG Colors

Surrey, BC Local 1271 member Mike David has owned motorcycles since he was 16 years old. Starting with his first Honda 125, a BSA 250, Bonny 650, a Harley XR750 flat tracker, a Honda 550 and now “Goldie,“ his 2004 Harley Road King. From a very early age, David has had a talent for drawing. Family and friends were always asking him to draw or design cartoons, designs, posters, t-shirts and logos. David’s father is a shipwright and carpenter, and David spent countless hours in his woodshop.

In 2005, when David heard that the IAFF was starting a motorcycle group, he decided to lay out a few designs and send them in. To David’s surprise, one of his designs was chosen as the official logo and colors for the IAFF-MG.

The colors were unveiled in Las Vegas at the inaugural ride in 2005. It was a proud moment for David then and still is now, every time he meets a brother or sister wearing the colors.