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Fighting For Those on the Frontlines

The IAFF is one of the largest and most influential labor unions in North America. We are committed to advancing the rights, safety, and future of fire fighters, emergency medical workers, and rescue workers across the United States and Canada.

Our commitment

Over a century of service

The International Association of Fire Fighters represents over 344,000 full-time professional fire fighters and emergency medical workers in 3,500 affiliates across the United States and Canada. Our members proudly protect more than 85% of the population of our two great nations.

A Legacy of Action

We speak truth to power and give our members a voice and vote. We are your advocates, your champions, and your partners in Washington and in Ottawa. The IAFF will continue to confront head-on the most complex issues our members face with one simple goal: doing what is best for fire fighters and emergency medical workers.

Our Priorities

Safety & Protection

Presumptive Health



Pay & Benefits

Line-of-Duty Deaths

Honoring their memories, celebrating their lives

Tim Evans
Mount Prospect, IL
Date of Death • 30 Mar 24
Date of Funeral • 04 Apr 24
Jonathan Van Oeffelen
Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, CA
Date of Death • 24 Mar 24
Date of Funeral • 09 Apr 24
Paul Sutorius
Pelham Manor, NY
Date of Death • 22 Mar 24
Date of Funeral • 06 Apr 24

Upcoming Events

April 14-16, 2024
Canadian Legislative Conference

At the IAFF’s Canadian Legislative Conference, you will have the chance to make your voice heard on the issues that matter to fire fighters and paramedics across Canada. You will be informed on our current legislative agenda, connect with your peers and mentors, and advocate directly with MPs and senators.