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A number of fire departments throughout the United States and Canada have developed wellness-fitness programs based on the IAFF/IAFC Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI). This WFI Resource is an opportunity for your local and fire department to learn from these successful programs to develop or enhance your own wellness-fitness program. 

This centralized resource provides information about successful programs so that new program managers can benefit from the experience of others. This online resource guide will also be updated and expanded to include additional online resources for fire fighters to gather information on successful programs, contact those who are managing these programs and benefit from the experiences of others.

Each fire department's wellness program is searchable by jurisdiction; jurisdictions are broken down by WFI Task Force and non-WFI Task Force departments. Click on the department tab at the top to find a list of participating cities. To view the WFI components, click on the tab you wish to view.   

The 3rd Edition of the WFI includes a new implementation chapter that offers a step-by-step approach to implementing the WFI. Any fire department can use this process to evaluate a current wellness-fitness program that meets the criteria identified in the WFI. While various elements and methods of a wellness-fitness program vary from department to department, the program development process will be similar. Sample strategies and worksheets are included to assist in this process and help with the implementation of the WFI in your organization.  Click on the implementation tab to view these documents.

If your department has a wellness program and would like to share your information in the WFI Resource, email