IAFF LocalTualatin Valley Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1660
DepartmentTualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Members317 career (combination department)
Contact InformationMichael Severson
[email protected]


Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R) implemented the IAFF/IAFC Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) in 1998 to maximize the health and fitness of all personnel.  As a result, occupational efficiency, effectiveness and performance was anticipated to increase, time off for personal injury and illness to decrease, and personnel to benefit from an overall improvement in physical and mental wellness.

TVF&R initiated a memorandum of understanding between Local 1660 and the Fire District that suspended the incumbent physical ability test and replaced it with a comprehensive medical-fitness program to be funded by the District’s general fund. Annual funding covers three wellness program coordinators, an RN and a program assistant, full medical exams, fitness assessments, fitness and medical equipment, training and program supplies. The TVF&R also developed Standard Operating Guidelines that outline the department’s policies and procedures.


FacilityContracted – Cascade Occupational Medicine for physical exams and return to work evaluations http://www.cascadeoccmed.com
PhysicianPhysician and support staff are utilized on a contract basis
Additional StaffWellness Program Coordinator
Program Assistant
Exam FrequencyAnnual
Exam DetailsExamination process designed to help identify health problems affecting the individual, as well as problems common to the District.
Conduct all pre-physical exams in-house
Dedicated space and equipment to conduct evaluations (vitals, vision, cholesterol, blood work, spirometry, hearing, EKG, urinalysis)

Fit for Duty Memorandum
Return to Work Checklist
Return to Work Evaluation
Return to Work Medical Release Form
SOG Fit for Duty


DutiesAssist Wellness Program Coordinator in completing annual fitness assessments
Assist HR in administration of CPAT; all PFTs are trained CPAT Proctors
Attend and participate in Wellness Committee meetings
Develop injury prevention and health promotion programs that are disseminated via station presentation, web or video
Develop personalized exercise prescription to staff when requested
Exercise Time

On-duty – 90 minutes per shift for career fire fighters

Exercise ProgramMonthly newsletters
Activity specific exercise programs
In-house wellness presentations
EquipmentFull compliment
NutritionIndividual appointments, newsletter

2009 Flexibility Fit Challenge
Dynamic Flexibility
Golf Warm-up
SOG Wellness Program
Wellness Newsletter


MethodOccupational Health and Wellness Services serve as the treatment coordinator(s), and oversee the implementation of treatment, rehabilitation, and other elements as prescribed to the employee by the District physician
Modified/Light DutyYes – return to work program includes light duty program and an occupational return to work evaluation (fit for duty and return to work forms listed in medical section above)
Injury Prevention Committee

Yes – Safety Committee reviews all district injuries and develops strategies to combat negative trends in injuries

Behavioral Health

Method(see Behavioral Health Overview)
EAPEAP program managed by Reliant Behavioral Health
Stress Management

The Behavioral Health Specialist is well-versed in critical incident stress management/debriefing
Chaplain program

Cost Justification

MethodWorker’s comp claims cost/savings tracked by our worker’s compensation providers and reviewed by the Districts safety committee
Conduct pre-physical exams in-house vs. outside contractor; District estimates that approximately $30,000 annually saved in contractor fees

Data Collection

In-house database
Data CollectedMedical data (charts held at contractor’s office)
Wellness report (in-house) – annual fitness assessment, wellness questionnaire and cholesterol data compiled
Fitness assessment data (in-house)
Injury information tracked by contract insurance provider, SAIF


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Target Calorie Intake Handout