The Knoxville, Tennessee, City Council has passed a “Resolution of the Council Commending the International Association of Fire Fighters and Knoxville Local 65 on Their 100th Anniversary.”

As the 100th anniversary date of February 28 approached, Council member Andrew Roberto contacted Local 65 about the resolution.

“We are honored that the Knoxville City Council has chosen to recognize this important anniversary,” says Local 65 President Kevin Faddis. “Local 65 members have worked hard to solidify our relationship with the City Council. Today, we are able to work together on solutions to issues facing our members.”

The resolution begins by recalling that L.G. Lewis of Knoxville was one of the delegates attending the first IAFF Convention in 2018. It also recognizes how far Local 65 has come and all of the commendable community service Knoxville members engage in today.