Fireworks Safety During a Pandemic

June 24 • 2020

The fourth of July and Canada Day might look different this year with social distancing and fewer public events, but our message is the same. Fireworks are dangerous.

Use this public safety toolkit to educate members of your community and reach out to local media with ready-made content.

Share the infographics and videos, along with a strong message (tag your friends in the media in any tweets to maximize your reach), on social media.

Send the op-eds and infographics to your local media as soon as possible. Be sure to follow-up with reporters and assignment editors to let them know you are available to discuss these important tips for ensuring a safe holiday.

Media outlets are always in need of neutral, ready-to-use content for national holidays. Providing a steady stream of quality content will help establish a solid, positive relationship with the public and local media to ensure they continue to look to their fire fighters for safety advice all year long.

Contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about using IAFF toolkits and tips on further developing your relationship with the public and the media.