IAFF Logo Policy

All those requesting permission to use the IAFF logo are required to fill out the licensing application, attach the necessary pages, and return the paperwork to the IAFF General President for consideration by the Executive Board.

IAFF affiliates are allowed to use the logo for official purposes without prior approval from the Executive Board. Official purposes are those such as business cards, letterhead, and clothing apparel produced for your respective local only. Approval by the Executive Board is necessary, however, for the use of the logo as part of a booster sticker or materials used by locals for fundraising purposes. In addition, telemarketers and other vendors are prohibited from using the logo unless it is significantly different from the IAFF logo and approved by the Executive Board.

All persons, vendors, businesses, IAFF affiliates (as specified in the above paragraph), and other entities seeking approval for the use of the logo should send in a fully completed request form, accompanied by samples of the product that would bear the IAFF logo, and a letter of support from an IAFF affiliate president.

Pursuant to IAFF policy, the sample(s) will ordinarily become the property of the IAFF, unless accompanied by a specific request that the sample (s) be returned. In any event, the IAFF does not assume responsibility for lost, damaged, or misdirected samples under any circumstances. Products licensed to display the logo must be union made or when union products are not available, must be made in the United States and Canada.

After the Executive Board grants permission, all approved users will pay an annual licensing fee for use of the IAFF logo. The annual licensing fee is $200 for IAFF members using the logo for commercial activities and $1,000 for all non-IAFF users. Approved users will also be required to pay a quarterly royalty fee based on a percentage of gross sales to the IAFF Foundation, as designated by the Executive Board. Royalty fees are 2 percent of gross sales for IAFF members using the logo for commercial activity and 4 percent of gross sales for all others. The IAFF reserves the right to inspect and audit, if necessary, any books and records related to the amounts payable to the IAFF.

Following the completion of 12 months of a contract, and following each 12-month period thereafter, royalty payments must equal or exceed the $200 ($1,000 for non-members) license fee in order to renew the logo license. If royalty payments are less than $200 ($1,000 for non-members), licensees will be billed for the balance in order for the license to be renewed. Nonpayment will result in revocation of the logo license.

Any approved user who fails to live up to its commitments to the IAFF by not paying royalties for two successive quarters or who violates other provisions of the licensing agreement will have the right to use the logo revoked. Users that have their license revoked may reapply for use of the logo. The Executive Board has the right to charge a new licensing fee and change the terms of the previously entered licensing agreement in such cases.