Instructor Certification

The IAFF currently has 25 IAFF certified FGS Master Instructors.

Prospective Master Instructors for the four-day FGS Train-the-Trainer course must meet the following qualifications. If you are unsure if you meet the following criteria, please describe any/all fire service, survival training, and instruction-based experiences in two or three detailed paragraphs.

  • Employed by a fire department.
  • If there is an IAFF affiliate associated with the fire department, authorization from the IAFF local president.
  • At least three years fire service teaching/training experience (preferably in fire ground survival).
  • Successfully completed the IAFF FGS Online Awareness Course and the IAFF FGS Train-the-Trainer Course.
  • The requirements of NFPA Instructor I level or the equivalent.

Interested individuals who meet the above criteria must provide the IAFF with the following:

  • A written request, including their name, home address, e-mail and home and work telephone numbers.
  • A brief (1-page) resume or other description of their background and qualification.
  • A video of actual instruction of at least a 15-minute lecture class.
  • A letter of recommendation from their local union president and fire department official. The letter should reflect the individual’s potential as an instructor.

All Master Instructors are appointed by the IAFF General President and work as independent contractors to the IAFF. The IAFF General President retains the right to cancel this appointment at any time for any reason. All Master Instructor appointments are reviewed annually and are renewable consistent with IAFF priorities and budget requirements.