The most frequently asked questions about the IAFF Alumni program.

What is the IAFF Alumni?

The IAFF Alumni program is designed to help retirees and former members maintain their relationship and connection with the IAFF.

What are the benefits of joining?

As an Alumni member, you keep a membership status within the IAFF and are eligible to continue to receive the magazine (at a discounted rate), as well as the benefits available to members through the IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) and Union Plus programs. In addition, you will continue to receive regular communications from the IAFF on what’s going on within the fire service, our union and among our members in the U.S. and Canada.

Who can join?

All active-retired members are automatically enrolled in the Alumni program. Inactive-retired members have the opportunity to join this program if they retired in good standing within the past year. Those who retired more than a year ago may join with approval from their local president. Please contact your local directly. They will then send their approval request to [email protected].

Alumni membership for former members who withdrew from the local for reasons such as a promotion out of the bargaining unit are at the discretion of the local president. Please contact them directly.

When will I receive information to join?

If we have your current address on file, registration information will be mailed within 1-2 months of your retirement notification. If you have moved or will be moving soon after retirement, please contact [email protected] to submit your new address.

What is the cost for Alumni membership?

Alumni membership is free. However, if you would like to subscribe to Fire Fighter International magazine, you can do so for $9. Subscriptions can be purchased when you complete your Alumni registration or through your online profile at www.iaff.org. Active-retired Alumni receive the magazine as part of their active- retiree membership.

What is the difference between active-retired and inactive-retired?

There are two types of retired status. If you are active-retired, your local pays half-dues to the IAFF for you (and all active-retirees). These members are automatically considered Alumni without having to complete the registration process. Active-retirees also generally enjoy rights at the local level that inactive-retirees do not.  Further information on active-retired membership varies by local and should be directed to a local officer.

The alternate status is inactive-retired (former members). If you are inactive-retired, the only way to continue as a card-carrying member of the IAFF, is to join the Alumni. Inactive-retirees usually don’t have the same privileges at the local level, so maintaining a connection to the IAFF can be done through the Alumni.

Please note: Membership status changes can only be completed by a local officer either online or through the Membership Department at [email protected].

How do I request a replacement Alumni card?

A replacement card can be requested here. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks to receive your new card.

What happens if I do not receive the information?

Sometimes the Alumni mailing is not received. If this happens, email [email protected].

Can I get a temporary card?

A temporary digital card can be emailed if needed for benefits prior to receiving the hard copy. Send your request to [email protected].

How can I get more Alumni decals?

Within a few weeks of completing your registration, you will receive a member packet that will include two decals and your Alumni membership card. Further decals can be purchased through the IAFF Online Store.