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FIRST PLACE: “Help Stop Our Heroes From Dying ”

“Most fire fighters know there are risks associated with the job, but he didn’t die of smoke inhalation. Nor did he get trapped in a burning house or fall through the roof of a collapsing building. My dad was stolen from us by cancer.”

This editorial was written by a fire fighter’s daughter who witnessed first-hand the long-term dangers that all fire fighters face when her father died of cancer. The author educates readers about the rising number of fire fighters who develop cancer, and encourages them to take action by contacting local politicians to create awareness.

Chetwynd Echo
Written by: Denise Everett
Submitted by: Calgary, AB Local 255

SECOND PLACE: "Mechanics of Injury"

“Sometimes you can’t wear enough equipment to stay detached. Trying to find the injuries under the skin, even through latex gloves, you can feel the stubble of an unconscious man’s cheek, you can know the fleeting warmth of someone else’s skin.”

This is a well-written personal story of a fire fighter’s experiences dealing with people and colleagues lost to fires. The author vividly details the struggle he endured between the “mechanics” of his job and the haunting memories that are impossible to forget.

PRISM International Magazine
Written by: Russell Wangersky
Submitted by: St. John’s, NF Local 1075 

HONORABLE MENTION: "Yes to ALS; No To Union-Busting”

“Yes to ALS, No To Union-Busting” is an informative piece that exposes readers to the intrigues of a town council in negotiations over Advanced Life Support (ALS) systems. The author persuasively enforces the opinion that town officials should be in alliance with first responders, especially when dealing with public safety issues.

The Winchester Star
Anthony Schinella 
Submitted by: Winchester, MA Local 1564


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