W. H. “Howie” McClennan Scholarship

The W. H. “Howie” McClennan scholarship provides financial assistance for sons, daughters or legally adopted children of fire fighters killed in the line of duty planning to attend a university, accredited college or other institution of higher learning. Download the brochure.

Application Deadline: February 1

Amount of Scholarship: $2,500/year

Award Dates:
Scholarships are awarded annually, on or before October 1 for the proceeding academic year. They may be renewed (if approved) up to four consecutive years.

Selection Criteria:
Awards are based on financial need, aptitude promise and demonstrated academic achievement. For a complete description of selection criteria, download the Scholarship Application Form.

How to Apply:
All applicants, both new and renewal applicants, must submit all application materials. Applications materials include:

  • A completed Scholarship Application Form.
  • An official copy of a school transcript and grade report from the school currently attending or most recently attended. The official school transcript should list all grade points earned and academic course work completed to date.
  • A brief statement (about 200 words) prepared by the applicant that indicates their reasons for wanting to continue their education.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, school administrator, counselor, clergy, work supervisor or military supervisor (active, reserve or National Guard) who can address the qualifications and academic aptitude of the scholarship applicant. The required letters of recommendation may not be from immediate family members, close family friends, blood relatives, or relationships by marriage.

Send To:
W. H. “Howie” McClennan Scholarship
Office of the General President
The International Association of Fire Fighters
1750 New York Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006

For full information, download the Scholarship Application Form.

The Labour College of Canada Scholarship

The Labour College of Canada (LCC) has announced details for a 2021-2022 Certificate Program (Cohort 7). The IAFF has one scholarship available for a member in good standing to receive this valuable training. The LCC is a great program of post-secondary learning for active union members who want to enhance their leadership capacities and who will be assuming increasing leadership roles within their local.

To apply for the IAFF Labour College of Canada scholarship, complete the following by Tuesday, May 4, 2021:

The LCC program will be held over an 18-month period in three separate course sessions. One will be held online and is due to kick-off in July 2021, with the remaining two sessions to be held in-person with dates to be determined in 2022. See a course description and tentative schedule here.

The IAFF scholarship will cover the cost of tuition (LCC program fees) and accommodations. Additional funds will be available to assist in travel and incidental expenses to a maximum of $11,000 (this includes tuition and accommodations). Arrangements for time off to attend the in-class sessions are the responsibility of the applicant.

For more information about the Labour College of Canada Certificate Program, email [email protected].

The Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Executive Leadership Program Scholarship

Two scholarships will be awarded for International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Canadian affiliate members to attend the Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Executive Leadership Program. This program takes eighteen months to complete and the scholarships are awarded for the entire program cycle.

Amount of Scholarship:
The Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Executive Leadership Program Scholarship will be allocated to offset: tuition, accommodation, travel, and allowable expenses to a maximum of $15,000 per year.

Any IAFF member living in Canada and in good standing with their IAFF local affiliate.

Applicants must be an active member of their IAFF local affiliate and have demonstrated active participation within their local as an officer, committee member, etc. (Signature of District Vice President is suggested but not required)

Applicants must include:

  • A completed application form
  • A short essay of 500 words or more on one of the following questions:
    • What factors drive your personal interest in attending the Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Executive Leadership Program?
    • What do you consider to be major problems facing the labour movement in Canada today?
    • What do you consider to be major problems facing fire fighters in the labour union movement today?
  • Applicants must also include a brief statement of 250 words or more on how they have demonstrated active participation within their local affiliate.

Application Deadline: Postponed until further notice

Applications should be mailed to: 
Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Scholarship
International Association of Fire Fighters
Attention: Education Department
1750 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006-5395

For the current information on the Telfer School of Management/University of Ottawa Executive Leadership Program, email to [email protected].

Harvard Trade Union Program Scholarship

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the residential Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP) semester will not be offered in 2021. However, Harvard remains committed to continuing to provide education and guidance to the labor movement in these unprecedented times through an online workshop program.

Unlike the traditional annual residential program, this online workshop provides supplemental training designed for current and former labor leaders and those who have an interest in the topics offered.

Although this workshop will not result in a certificate, it is still a tremendous opportunity for both U.S. and Canadian members to enhance their union leadership skills through one of the most prestigious schools and programs in the world.

Online workshops will be offered in two separate four-day deliveries on February 11-12 and February 18-19 and March 11-12 and March 18-19. Workshops will be held from 3:00-8:00 p.m. (ET).

2020 Scholarship Awards

For this online program, the IAFF Executive Board has adjusted the 2020 Harvard University Trade Union Program scholarship awards to cover the $1,000 tuition fee for the four-day online series for two members per district. That means there will be 32 scholarships awarded this year for members to attend the Harvard University Trade Union Program online workshop.

***The application window has closed for this scholarship.***

2021 HTUP Online Workshop Overview

Instruction includes 10 90-minute sessions on the following topics:

  • Overview of the Economy
  • COVID-Impact on Workers
  • COVID and Climate Change
  • Strategic Planning in the Time of COVID
  • Pandemic Safety and Health
  • COVID and Capital Stewardship
  • Legal Structures in the new Congress and Presidential Term
  • Labor Movements and Social Justice
  • Labor Leadership and Diverse Membership
  • The Pandemic Around the World.

For additional information, email scholarship[email protected] or call (202) 824-1551.

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