IAFF Members Are Eligible to Receive Tuition Benefits at Purdue Global

U.S. and Canada IAFF members, staff and immediate family members now qualify for:

  • Special tuition rates, plus other time and money-saving benefits
  • Transfer credits for training and accredited certifications
  • A significant tuition reduction that reduces the tuition rate to $230 per credit on all online undergraduate degree programs, including fire science degree programs (books are included in the undergraduate program tuition).†
  • A 14% tuition reduction on all graduate degree programs.
  • A 10% reduction for Concord Law School.
  • Immediate family of IAFF members are eligible for a tuition rate of $249 per credit on all online undergraduate degrees.
  • Technology fees are waived for IAFF members, staff and their immediate families.§

Visit IAFF.PurdueGlobal.edu or call 866.583.6765 to learn more.

Download and fill out the forms below for college credit application:

Articulation Partner Record Request Form 
Rider for Articulation Partner Record Request Form

IAFF Canadian members: click here to access information.

For comprehensive consumer and gainful employment information, visit info.purdueglobal.edu.
*Reduced tuition recipients are not eligible for other Purdue Global scholarships, grants, military tuition reductions, tuition vouchers, or other reductions or Purdue Global Tuition Cap pricing. Purdue Global does not guarantee the transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for Prior Learning Assessment policy.
†Immediate family is defined as the member’s spouse, children, and stepchildren. The Immediate Family Reduction cannot be offered with any other program or reduction offered by Purdue Global.
‡ Undergraduate courses only. Not all courses require textbooks; some use electronic instructional materials.
§All other fees will be charged at the published rates. Tuition rates are subject to change at Purdue Global’s discretion at any time, and as a result the tuition price may change. The Graduate Reduction cannot be offered with any other program or discount offered by Purdue Global.
Purdue Global cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.
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