Financial Planning & Insurance

The IAFF Financial Corporation empowers members to make smart decisions about their money, from budgeting and saving to investing, and provides vetted products and services tailored to fire fighters and their families to achieve better financial health.

Products & Services

Your IAFF Financial Corporation has over a dozen vetted products and services which are designed for fire fighters and their families.  

Our broker-dealer and investment advisor affiliates will refer members to approved unaffiliated advisors that can provide you with competitively priced investment options and insurance protection to meet your needs.


Designed to help with all our members’ insurance needs- from auto and home insurance to the IAFF Health & Wellness Trust providing bargained-for health insurance. The Insurance Division offers supplemental coverage to protect you and your family, life insurance, and liability coverage.


Devoted to helping members with their retirement needs, ensuring they get the most competitive rates and best service possible.

Investments & Finance

Helping members with financial planning strategies and investment guidance to allow them to focus on their lifetime goals while eliminating risks that might keep them from these goals. We tailor our recommendations to each member to create opportunities to provide better and more complete solutions at every stage of their career. We also provide our members with education and insight into financial products to ensure our members are making informed decisions.


Offers first-time home buyer benefits, a variety of mortgage options, refinancing, and education around home buying. All facets of the FC are designed with IAFF members in mind.

Canadian Member Programs

Provides auto and home program options from TD Insurance, a wealth management program, and various insurance programs tailored specifically for Canadian members.

Alumni Program

Several programs and financial services are provided specifically for retirees including life, auto, and home insurance plans, and a special identity theft protection program.

Education & Webinars

We understand financial planning can be overwhelming and navigating different products and services to make sure you are getting the best insurance plan is tough. That’s why we have provided several webinars and educational opportunities for you to learn exactly what you need to learn when you want to.