During the Governmental Affairs Committee meeting June 2, General President Ed Kelly and General Secretary-Treasurer Frank Líma received a call from Vice President Kamala Harris expressing her gratitude for the IAFF’s dedication to the labor movement and to reaffirm the Biden administration’s pledge to support issues important to all unions, including the IAFF.

“History will show we probably are one of the most pro union administrations in a very long time,” said Harris. “That means standing with you and your members, and that means standing with you in solidarity around the issues you’ve been leading on the state and local levels for years.”

Before ending the call, Vice President Harris also expressed her condolences for the tragic loss of Los Angeles County, CA Local 1014 member Tory Carlon during a shooting incident at a fire station in Agua Dulce.

Executive Board committees are meeting this week to discuss union business, including the transition and reorganization process.

District Vice Presidents on the Government Affairs Committee and present for the call were:4th District Vice President Andrew Pantelis (chair), 14th District Vice President Danny Todd (vice chair), 3rd District Vice President Jay Colbert, 9th District Vice President Mike Frainier, 13th District Vice President Fred LeBlanc and 16th District Vice President James Johnson.