Tucson, Arizona, police continue to investigate a multiple scene shooting incident that wounded two United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona Local I-60 members and one Tucson, AZ Local 479 member.

Only one name has been released to the public so far, Local I-60 member Jacob Dindinger. He remains hospitalized in critical condition. The other Local I-60 member is expected to be released from the hospital July 21. The Local 479 member has been treated and released.

“Our dedicated members of Local I-60 and our Local 479 member were on the job doing what IAFF members always do; they put themselves in harms’ way to serve others and their communities. These events serve as a stark reminder of how dangerous our profession can be,” says General President Ed Kelly. “The thoughts and prayers of the entire IAFF are with the members and their families, as well as the victim of the fire. The full weight of our resources have been dedicated to our brother and sister members in Arizona.”

“Anytime our members are injured on the job it’s difficult, but this situation is especially tragic,” says General Secretary-Treasurer Frank Líma. “Our job moving forward is to assist our state and local affiliates to continue to support our two injured brothers and sister and their families throughout their recovery.”

The series of incidents appear to be related to a house fire that began the afternoon of July 18.

Investigators believe that the suspect first approached the ambulance unit located about two blocks from the house fire where it was on standby for an unrelated situation. The suspect shot inside the vehicle, injuring both Local I-60 members.

The suspect then approached the house fire, shooting at fire fighters and bystanders. One Local 479 member was injured and one bystander was killed. The suspect was injured in a shootout with police officers as they worked to apprehend him.

“This has been tough, but our focus remains on the needs of our members and their families,” says United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona Local I-60 President Jacob Mayer. “We have made peer support resources available to anyone who needs them and helping the families with anything they might need.”

“All of Local 479 is standing in support with our injured member as he recovers,” says Tucson Local 479 President Josh Campbell. “This situation is difficult to process. We are fortunate to have access to excellent behavioral health support. We will take it one step at a time.”

Residents of the burning home included a mother and her three children. The responding fire fighters found the remains of the mother in the home. The three children were later found alive in a different location.