Shaker Heights Local 516 Welcomes 10 New Members

June 1 • 2022

Shaker Heights, OH Local 516 has gained 10 new members following its largest recruit class graduation ever.

“I am proud of the strong effort by President Chuck Huddleston and his team to add more fire fighters and Local 516 members to better serve Shaker Heights,” says 8th District Vice President Mark Sanders. “Local 516’s efforts in conjunction with management has resulted in the fire department being better staffed to meet the growing needs of the community.”

The City of Shaker Heights has recently seen significant growth in population and the development of high-rise buildings and eldercare facilities. This growth has led to a higher demand for emergency services. Fire fighters were responding to these emergencies mostly with two fire fighters per apparatus.

“The city administration and the fire chief were quick to acknowledge we needed more resources so we could better serve our community,” says Shaker Heights Local 516 President Chuck Huddleston. “Local 516 was proud to work with management to have this recruit class which has enabled us to increase our numbers.”

Now, daily minimum staffing has increased from 12 to 13 and fire fighters are responding with three fire fighters per apparatus.